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  1. I will run over to Advance later today and see if they have them. I need a few things for the VW as well so ill look while I'm there. Summit Racing has them if worst comes to worst. Thanks guys. RockMJ
  2. Those are the exact ones I was looking at! Sweet! RockMJ
  3. Rockfrog, thanks a ton man. I could not find any definitive information regarding the usage between the two. I will order them up. Thanks! RockMJ
  4. Hey everyone, I have been trying to track down the bushings for the wiper arm assembly for my 90 MJ without luck. My windshield wipers work well on the drivers side but the passenger side barely moves since the bushings are toast on the linkage assembly. Does anyone know where to get these from? I have only been able to find the 97-01 XJ's but I was unsure if they are the same for the older ones. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! RockMJ
  5. Stay away from Team Cherokee. I posted a very long and detailed "buyer beware" thread in the pub section of the forum. They do not use OEM Chrysler parts like they say in some ads. They are Crown Automotive or Omix-Ada parts that can be had at any online vendor (Quadratec, Morris 4x4, 4-Wheel Drive Hardware, etc.) for usually cheaper. Even if its more expensive, I will never deal with them again and I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of product from them in the past. RockMJ
  6. Decided to take a video of the engine chatter for you all to hear. Pretty sure its just a worn out oil pump but maybe someone else has some input that I was unaware of. Link below. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152055566634998&l=7723704266444105533 RockMJ
  7. I will be replacing the engine oil pump, rear main seal, oil pan gasket, and checking the torque on the bottom end in the coming weeks. The engine has become relatively quite except on start up. I am getting a ton of chatter from the top end until the oil reaches everything so my guess would be the oil pump isnt doing its job. After replacing the oil pressure sending unit my pressure reads about 40 under acceleration and drops to 25-30 at idle. If I start the Jeep, get the chattering and it goes away and shut the Jeep off and restart it there is no noise and it sounds absolutely perfect. On initial starts after sitting for a while it sounds horrendous. Better than it was but certainly not acceptable. That will be my next big chore after getting the suspension finished and fuel pump in. More to follow. RockMJ
  8. Nothing exciting, but I guess if I am doing a build thread I might as well document the small things. New brake pedal pad is installed lol. I also put my new rubber Rugged Ridge floor liners in. I had them in my last MJ and they did the job for a good price. At some point ill update the thread with all around photos likely after I wash it. More to follow. And yes, for the observant, the lower bolt for the gas pedal is broken off. Not sure when or how it happened but it wasnt there when we went to take the carpet out. Need to make a note to replace that before I forget! RockMJ
  9. Thanks a ton man! I didnt see this post until now. I got the 265's on without any fuss and all that was required was a 2" spacer up front. Jeep sits perfectly level and looks proper. I will have to get it out of the garage and snap a few pics. Maybe actually wash it for the first time as well... RockMJ
  10. Well, its been a busy two weeks for the Jeep and myself. Between work, writing music, and working on the Jeep I have not had a moment to stop and think about just how busy I have been. Pretty tired actually. The upside to all of that is that the Jeep has gotten that much closer to driving. This past weekend I did the front polyurethane bushings for the entire front suspension including new sway bar parts minus the bar itself. Only things left to do are install my upper axle bushings with the new Moog units and replace the shocks then the front end is entirely gone through and updated. I also took some time to adjust the NSS so my reverse lights consistently work. Might end up taking the NSS down to disassemble and clean as the Jeep will not start in neutral (never has) without some jiggling of the linkage. Not that big of a deal right now since she starts up everytime, but it would be nice for it to function as normal. I also spent the weekend prior putting in the front coil spring spacers, OEM isolators, Moog trac-bar, harmonic balancer, new idler pulley, and new serpentine belt. I also cleaned up all the pulleys while everything was apart as well as the AC compressor clutch so its finally not sticking anymore. The Jeep runs and idles beautifully now without any weird noises coming from the motor. Even being exhausted after all of this these past two weeks I can sit back and enjoy it all. Next things on the list to tackle before she is road worthy are the rear suspension bushings, Bilstein 5100 shocks at all four corners, front bumpstops, OME steering stablizer, Bosch fuel pump, and front upper axle Moog bushings. This is all the purely mechanical parts I have left to tackle before she is up to my standards of "good enough" for driving. Once this stuff is out of the way I will focus on the cosmetics of the Jeep. I did, however, get the Leer topper adjusted, bolted down, and un-dented the aluminum back door so it closes properly now. All is well and the camper is happy to be a permanent part of the Jeep! I did not really take any pictures of the front suspension project this past weekend as I was working by myself to re-do the entire suspension. Maybe if I had a third arm I could have snapped some more pictures. Trick to getting the old bushings out was to core them like an apple with a hole saw (1" and 1.25" sizes) then pry the rubber bushings out. Doing this enables easy mode and you can move onto Level 2: Reinstall lol. More to follow! Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the sleeves should not just fall out of the bushings right? Had that happen on two of them. Probably helped contribute to the Jeep handling like a rudderless boat lol. RockMJ
  11. Don, thank you for the input! That is what I was looking for! Thanks a ton. RockMJ
  12. Most certainly! Was looking for a temporary "fix" even though its low on the priority list. Will likely end up doing some Spidertrax spacers to keep the tires off of the control arms so I will look into doing that swap in the future.
  13. Hey everyone, I put my Moab's on finally this past weekend and ran into an issue with the dust caps on the front axle. Being as its 2WD it has those overly large dust caps that interfere with the "Jeep" center caps on the wheels. Does anyone know of any low profile ones that fit? Probably a long shot here but I was hoping to find something that would work so I could put the center caps in. Looks goofy with the rears on and the dust caps sticking through the wheels on the front. Thanks in advance, RockMJ
  14. Great, and I had picked up the Bosch because it was recommended. This is where the confusion comes from and hopefully doing a write up on the process to hopefully clear things up for those in the future. So far without even taking a thing apart the frustration level is elevated. I guess at this point I can just hope for the best that the parts will go together properly. RockMJ
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