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  1. Yup! After being there a couple years and never once did I see anything regarding not selling items. Then last night I posted my Comanche for sale and was deleted from the group and blocked. I guess I never looked at any policy or anything. Would love to be back in the group. I'm really not sure why they can't just delete it the first time you violate the policy and then send you a message. Used my wife's account to look at the group and sure enough there is a policy stating no selling. I'd love to be back too and now that I know I'd never try selling anything again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Take pics and send them to deaver. Those guys are the best! I got them on my Comanche too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. they are full of $#!&. screwed me on a large order. sent wrong stuff, swore they would make it right, never heard from them again
  4. long day today. New water pump. PITA! is all I can say about Jeep brackets and the compact area they got all that crap in. New pump on, but the pulley rubs against the bolt behind itself. Casting must be slightly larger on the new pump. Also, what I though was a bad water pump, may have been a bad harmonic balancer. Almost got that off tonight. The last couple days goes like this Heard a squeak Replaced a belt Still had squeak ausculatated and it sounded like the water pump replaced water pump everything was quiet till the pulleys and belt heated up a little. Then I had a rub. While trying to find the rub, heard the squeak again. with all the crap out of the way it appears the harmonic balancer has some rubber being pushed out, and auscultation now makes it seem to be coming from it. Started pulling the harmonic balancer, but a buddy had borrowed the pulley puller. So tomorrows task is replacing that bad boy.
  5. I dig this truck because it reminds of late 70's trucks I grew up in. Dad always had a toolbox and a longbed. Rollers were in everything of that era! I like to retro color too
  6. I like it! thats the kind of truck I want for my daughter when she is ready to drive.
  7. Kids and weather prevented my work on the manche today, hopefully tomorrow I'll have solutions
  8. It general will not work, but I always leave it on because occasionally the damn thing will light up and work like a champ. The last couple days it's been on and working(ie you can feel the difference when you actuate it on or off). It was on when we were checking the reverse lights, and when they quit working so did the power comfort switch. All grounds on the vehicle have been upgraded and replaced, I'm running dual batteries and a 150 amp alternator.other than these couple little issues I've ironed out everything else but the interior dome lights. By the way, anyone got a set of those dome lights? Lol
  9. I'm finally tracing the last few current electrical gremlins, if the switch is bad, could it affect the the power comfort switches electrical
  10. Interestingly the power comfort switch in intermittent. Usually not working. Today when the reverse light were working, so was the power comfort switch.
  11. 87 comanche chief, earlier today I was replacing some light bulbs on the rear taillights. I've never really had reverse lights, but had the wife give it a shot. I had one on! The left one, since the right side was all opened up I replaced the reverse bulb on the side and bam! Now I have two working reverse lights! We tried it a couple times and they continued to work. About an hour later I pulled it out of the garage, and we tried it again..... Nothing! .........???? Where the hell is the sensor, or switch? Is it electrical or mechanical/ over electrical?
  12. Here she is set up for some overland with 32"s note she is pretty heavy in the rear with fridge, wildernest, stove, toolbox etc. so she is sagging a little. Waiting for my new deaver springs to come via ups
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