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  1. komanche

    Blue Dash

    I have seen a lot dashes for sale, but no blue. Need a dash pretty bad so if you have one let me know. Thanks
  2. Sorry to go off thread....but dang a Comanche with a 5.7 must be unreal fun!
  3. I still have the passenger side mirror intact, it’s the bracket that is broken and I need to replace. Thanks
  4. Need the fender and front emblems for a 1988 4.0 Comanche LWB 4x4. Here is a picture of the mirror needed. I need a passenger side. Thanks always guys.
  5. Anyone have one to sell? My Comanche is down because I can’t locate one.
  6. I need one in good shape. 88 comanche. Thanks.
  7. Hello, any chance you might have a tailgate handle in good shape? K
  8. Central NY...I understand on the shipping. Thx
  9. Need the drivers side trim strip (black) between cab and rear wheel well on the bed.Tailgate liner also..thanks.
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