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  1. Like the title says looking for a complete black interior for my Comanche - no carpet is okay and I don't need the door panels. I'd like the interior panels and dash. Located in 90703, Long Beach CA.
  2. Interior? How are the trim pieces inside?
  3. Selling the last few parts off my jeep that I don't need anymore, here's a list. Will have pictures later today. Will not ship, as I have moved out and these are at my parents house. Feel free to PM or text with any questions/offers - 8052485297. Located in Thousand Oaks, CA stock white fender flares, front and rear - $50 Stock leaf springs, not cracked or anything, worked great - $50 Stock tailgate - in pretty decent condition - $150 I also have a wagoneer front clip with the 4 headlights, I don't think I'm going to sell it, probably swap it on and sell my 97+ front end, w
  4. Are there any comanche parts you'd swap for the shell?
  5. Francesco

    MJ stuff - CA

    Where in CA are you?
  6. I'm interested in the engine harness for the manual as long as it's 4x4. Shipped to 91320, pm me.
  7. Sucks to hear about the ticket - it's $#!&ty, I get pulled over for no reason sometimes and they literally walk around my truck. I support the cops, just not the ones in my area. Just picking on kids because of their hobby, its pathetic. They also leave abandoned notices on my other car at least once a week, its the law, but the only reason they come is because its old. My neighbors cars never get tickets. And they wonder why the younger generation doesn't support them...
  8. Title says it all, looking for a reflexxion cowl hood, I'm in Ventura, CA.
  9. Okay, So I did this one myself. This is a COMPLETE(if i remember correctly) list of what I needed: 4wd Transmission 4wd pilot bearing 4wd shift linkage front driveshaft and rear (different size) 4wd engine harness (if you want the 4wd light, etc) front axle front brakes (they weren't the same for me, i think it was the knuckles that were different which made the calipers different too) i replaced my unit bearings too, AFAIK the 2wd ones have a plug you can remove, but IDK. I highly recommend finding an external slave transmission (assuming youre a 5 speed) while everything is apart. Wil
  10. To all those who PMed me, here are the requested pictures. Sorry about the wait.
  11. Cody, I'm planning on getting the intake ported as well yes. Expensive! Should work real well though. Fingers crossed lol. Need to find a 99+ intake first.
  12. Question for all forum guys with ANY experience in this: I'm looking for a ceramic coated, CARB legal header for an XJ/MJ. I'd be better off finding unicorns... Anyways, I've narrowed it down to two: (am I allowed to post links?) Gibson: https://www.amazon.com/Gibson-GP400S-C-Ceramic-Coated-Performance/dp/B000LG4ATA JBA: https://www.amazon.com/JBA-1526SJT-Stainless-Titanium-Wrangler/dp/B000N5JNF0 Anyways, my main concerns are QC (I've heard great AND bad things from both..do I just go for it?), and air flow. Are these big enough for a stroker? I was totally down for a set of DT, but a
  13. Interested in the front two manual doors off a 97+ XJ. Manual everything is preferred. Thanks
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