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  1. I have install a 4 inch lift on my 88 MJ and a helper spring on the rear (No Spring Over). I noticed the rear is not level with the front end. What can I do the level the Jeep up and bring the rear end up to match the front ...I still have the factory springs on the rear.
  2. Me to. It was driving me crazy. Thank you
  3. I think I found my problem. Throttle body map sensor hose was bad. Thanks everyone for the help.
  4. Let me check my Map hole. I’ll let y’all know. Thanks.
  5. I check that holes. It’s good. Just wondering does it go in the top hole are the bottom hole on the back of the Throttle Body.
  6. I did have a leaky fuel enjector. I replace the seals, but it still idling rough. I’ll check the EGR next. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Got a problem with my 88 MJ 4.0. It idles rough with with smoke coming out the exhaust pipe. Smells like gas But give it gas it runs good only runs rough while idling . I have checked all the vacuum lines. Did a complete tuneup. Clean the injectors. Replace the idler control, map sensor. Took the Val cover off and check to see if the Val’s are sticking they are working good. Any deals what could be wrong. What I need to check next...
  8. PM'd I have a set of bucket seat brackets that came out of a MJ if still interested. Shoot me a email at tprmen@yahoo.com.
  9. tprman

    WTB Rollbar

    I have a factory LWB rollbar for a MJ. I live north of Atlanta in Jasper, GA. If interested shoot me a email. tprmen@yahoo.com.
  10. I noticed my fuel gauge is stuck on full. I have check the grounds and they are good. I run a ground from the battery to the fuel gauge on the gas tank and it still does not work. Any ideals?
  11. Well I put a new CPS on it today. Now the MJ started skipping and back firing when I give it gas. Also I put a new fuel filter.
  12. Have a little tech question. I have a 1988 MJ 4.0 automatic. I was driving down the road and it shut off. I let it set for a little while and it would start back up and run for about 20 mins and it would shut off again. I change the coil and coil wire and it still does it. Any ideas what's going on with it.
  13. The seats and console have sold. I still have the cluster, but I drop it and broke a couple of the bolt holes off. 81 Chero shoot me a email to tprmen@yahoo.com. I'll send you some pictures of the cluster.
  14. Thank you Sir for posting my pictures. One of these days I going to learn how to do that.
  15. My email is tprmen@yahoo.com if y'all need to contact me. Thanks.
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