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8690227965_ab284a7a95_o.jpgMJ of the Month April 2013 by Blue88Comanche, on Flickr

1988 Pioneer Short Wheel Base

Stock 4.0

AX-15, NP242J, Non-cad Dana 30 /w Eaton E-Locker, MJ Dana 44 /w Aussie Locker, 4.11 gears

Converted to Open Cooling, 97+ Electric Aux Fan with override switch



Front: 2 inch puck on V-8 ZJ variable rate springs, Rear: Hell Creek Metric Ton 3+2 leaf packs, with WJ Lower Control Arms

Stock Bucket seats, XJ center Console,

Mostly stock and 97+ XJ or WJ Brake booster (I don't remember what i used)

stock with 2 Fog Lights, (planning to add 6 aux lights and factory bed light)

"Turbine" style rims with 31x10.5R15 General Grabber AT2

Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard, XRC8 winch, 97+ Windshield wiper arms,

Projects To Do:
SWB Rear Sway Bar
Dual Electric Fans
Console Trim for no carpet MJs
Blue88Comanche DIY Guides:
Novak Shifter Cable
Closed to Open Cooling Conversion
Other Projects:
2008 Dodge Charger R/T R&T
1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer SWB

Mini-Blue88Comanche - Axial SCX10 Comanche

2007 Yamaha Wolverine 450

1997 Bass Tracker Pro-Team 17

Total Estimated Build Cost: $8,264.12



  • $650 - Paint
  • $1200 - Rhino Liner in bed, flares and rock panels, tool box, and 2'' hitch
  • $688.99 - Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard - Center - WAR60766
  • $136.99 - Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard - Winch Carrier
  • $127.99 - Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard - Brush Guards
  • $97.54 - Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard - Angled Light Bar
  • $19.99 - Recovery Hooks
  • $20 - Front Shackle Mount & Shackles
  • $19.99 - 2" Hitch shackle Mount & Shackle
  • $275 - Smittybilt XRC8
  • $3 - Factory Bed Light
  • $ - JeepSticker.com Black reflective tailgate decal


  • $15 - Floor Mats
  • $400 - Rhino liner interior floor
  • $50 - XJ Center Console
  • $5 - NP242 shift gate and Bezel
  • $18 - Full Gauge Cluster
  • $50 - Headliner
  • $60 - Black and Decker 1000w power inverter
  • $21.99 - Prime 4x4 5 switch console panel
  • $18.99 - Prime 4x4 3 switch console panel
  • $9.99 - (Each) Amber Rocker Switch x2
  • $9.99 - (Each) Red Rocker Switch
  • $9.99 - Front E-Locker Rocker Switch 
  • $9.99 - Rear E-Locker Rocker Switch
  • $9.99 - E-Fan Rocker Switch
  • $9.99 - Power Rocker Switch
  • $9.99 - 12v Rocker Switch
  • $9.99 - Aux Light Rocker Switch
  • $14.50 - Winch Isolator Rocker Switch
  • $14.39 - Momentary in/out Rocker Switch

Drive-train, Cooling:

  • $200 - AX-15
  • $200 - NP242
  • $0 - Non-CAD Dana 30
  • $0 - Factory MJ Dana 44
  • $794.99 - Dana 30 Eaton E-Locker
  • $400 - Dana 30 4.11 gears & Master Rebuild Kit, Dana 44 4.11 Gears, carrier, & Master Rebuild Kit
  • $249.99 - Dana 44 Aussie Locker
  • $350 - Dana 30 Gear & Locker Install
  • $200 - Dana 44 Gear Install
  • $179 - Novak Transfer Case Cable Shift Kit
  • $ - V8 ZJ CV Dana 30 axle shafts (Left and Right total)
  • $82.57 - Radiator with filler neck
  • $25.99 - Radiator Cap with Thermostat
  • $5 - 97+ thermostat housing
  • $15 - 97+ E-Fan
  • $5 - Grand Cherokee Coolant Bottle (WJ or ZJ, I don't remember)
  • $ - New Starter


Suspension, Rims, Tires:

  • $457.38 - (Pair) Hellcreek MT Springs
  • $60 - ZJ V8 Variable rate coil springs
  • $30 - 2 inch pucks
  • $500 - (4 Total) General Grabber AT2 - 31x10.5R15
  • $80 - Turbine Rims
  • $40 - Factory Steel Rims
  • $20 - WJ Lower Control Arms
  • $20 - WJ Upper Control Arms


  • $26.07 - Putco Light Harness
  • $19.99 - Fog Lights
  • $19.99 - Front Aux Lights
  • $39.98 - Headlights (pair)



  • $61.90 - Replacement Winch Solenoid
  • $20 - Replacement Winch Controller
  • $80 - Bike Rack
  • $19.90 - 10' 5/16 heater hose
  • $5.56 - 4' 3/4 heater hose
  • $5.56 - 4' 5/8 heater hose
  • $2.99 - (Each) 3/4 to 5/8 hose adaptor x2
  • $59.99 - Recovery Strap
  • $0 - 2'' Ball Hitch
  • $0 - 1 7/8'' Ball Hitch
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[Edit: Moved start of thread to here from first post]

My grandfather gave me his Comanche when I got my Drivers license in 08. It needed a lot of work...


It needed most of the elecrtical wiring re-done, new brakes, new u-joints, and so on...

When I finally got a job my dad helped me pay for a new paint job... I think it turned out well.
The ( :mad:) people at Wal-Mart managed to destroy all my hub caps... fist%20shake%201.gif 

My first time taking it off road... We kinda figured I would get stuck but thats the fun part right?

Before the bedliner

And after


I repainted and reattached the emblems


The Tailgate stickers I bought from JeepSticker.com

During the day:
And at night:
Some Rims that I bought for $40!!
The rims I bought from a guy who's friend had a 1989 Comanche! What luck biggrin.png
Some Pics of the repainting and polishing process.


I bought my headliner from eBay.

I wanted a Tach instead of a huge gas gauge so I replaced the cluster (yes, I did keep the original speedometer to keep the correct mileage)

So one afternoon while I was taking a nap.. Steven (the Grand Cherokee) calls to tell me that he is on his way to get Tom unstuck (The Wrangler) and asks if I can help.. I live 40 min. away so I said I would help and get headed that way.. Well about 20 min. later Steven calls and said he is stuck too... 2 Hrs later I did manage to get them un-stuck.

Another day offroading and again I figured I would get stuck... but i did it any way..
I found a re-built a/c compressor on eBay for $80 so i got it and apparently it works very well!!


I found another 1988 COMANCHE!!!




I also installed a 1000 Watt power inverter..


Something that is also handy... Is a place to put all the lose parts or tools while working around the engine, so the bottom of the factory airbox works very well for that.

Still to come are some MT leaf springs, Warn Trans4ormer Grille Guard /w winch, off-road tires for my other set of rims, and new carpet (currently is just rhino liner)... And to stop that stupid leak in the passenger door!  fist%20shake%201.gif


Very nice! Did you the bedliner on the fender flares and on the bottom? Also, is that Baltic Blue?

When I had the bed liner sprayed I got them to do the rocker panels and the fender flares too. As for the paint the guy at the paint shop just used the color code on the MJ, sorry I am not sure what the actual name is.. But that would be a good guess. The orange pin stripe seems to not be orange when I take a picture of it for what ever reason... :hmm:

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whats the deal with the other Mj?


I saw that MJ while I was getting a part to my leg press machine re-welded (I work at Anytime Fitness as a manager). It belongs to the owner's wife. The outside is in good condition but the drivers side floor is rusting out. It's a 2wd Sport Truck with a 4.0 and an auto tranny. It has a bench seat. And it wasn't for sale. And the owners son has been wanting to fix it up.

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nice ride but one thing that always kills me is people putting your grill in upside down!! it looks so freakin ugly that


The grille is upside down? I guess it was flipped at the paint shop I never noticed it :doh:


Guess I will go fix that now. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Hey great job with your mj! What kind of paint did you use on the wheels? I am getting ready to do mine. Also, I have the same exact seat covers with the same exact problem, passenger seat in pristine condition, drivers side splitting in a few places. I had custom seat covers made but would love to find OEM replacement material. Keep up the good work!

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Hey great job with your mj! What kind of paint did you use on the wheels? I am getting ready to do mine. Also, I have the same exact seat covers with the same exact problem, passenger seat in pristine condition, drivers side splitting in a few places. I had custom seat covers made but would love to find OEM replacement material. Keep up the good work!


I used duplicolor black gloss spray paint.. It has a spray pattern like a paint gun and it seems to hold up well. I also used high gloss clear coat on the rims. I did not sand it after each coat.. Might should have.. But it turned out well any way. As for the caps I used a cloth buffer wheel on my grinder to polish what I could.. I need a drimel to finish it out in the hard to reach parts.


When I get to work I can post a pic of the paint I used.


My seats I was fling to get redone but it's going to cost $700 to get both seats done.

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1st let me say great job so far :cheers:

2nd where did you get/mount the power inverter? It looks very help full. And how did you wire it? Looks amazing!




I bought the 1000 watt black & decker inverter from eBay for about 60 dollars. It has rubber feet so right now it's just sitting between the seats and it soesent seem to move. (but i have rhino liner in the cab) The cable is 8ga but that Was for my two ten inch subs that I have yet to but in. I might would run 4 ga. Currently it is connected to the battery and has a 50 amp in line fuse. The ground wire is connected in the cab behind the driver seat, it bolted to a metal clip. When I get a chance I am going to install a relay on one of the dash switches to make sure I don't drain the battery. (the inverter I have should turn off when the battery reaches 10 volts.


I will post some pics later th show every thing that I have done so far for the inverter.

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Dad bought a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 today. So here is our vehicle lineup.

Mom's Big F-250, Dad's Jeep Liberty, and my Comanche.


Dad has also informed me that he will be going off-roading with me now.... :shake: I guess it doesn't hurt to have a 20+ year ER nurse around.

Edit: Mom has a F-250 and Jeep Liberty that she lets Dad drive.

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2nd where did you get/mount the power inverter? It looks very help full. And how did you wire it? Looks amazing! Brandon

I have the inverter just sitting between the seats.




The Positive wiring is 8 GA wire running to a 50 amp inline fuse.. (this was originally ran for my 600 watt amp for my subs, but as you can tell there not in there yet...




This is where it is grounded to the frame in the cab. It worked out perfect.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I ordered my Warn Trans4mer Grille Guard on the 5th and ordered the winch carrier and the brush guards on the 9th. Well the winch carrier arrived on the 13th... I am still waiting on the Grille guard center... which was ordered a few days before the carrier and brush guards... also the brush guards where ordered with the winch carrier!!?? I am not sure what is goin on with their shipping department.. :nuts:

well here is a pic of the winch carrier I took the other day.


Hopefully the Grille Guard center will be on my front porch when I get home tonight!

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My Grille Guard center did come in while I was at work! :clapping:


So I thought I should get started!




So after I got the bumper off (by removing the bumper and brackets as one) I then proceeded to remove the air dam. It had 4 plastic rivets connecting it to the front flares and five 7mm hex screws... I managed to snap off the center 3 hex screws... When I started to remove the brackets from the bumper I noticed it had 1 hex bolt and 3 of the largest star pattern bolts I have seen in a while.. :headpop: So I called it a day and will be going by the store on the way home from work to get something that will fit!




Also for some reason the horn has not been working as of late, but that is for another day.

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Well getting my grille guard has been slower than I thought... I still need to drill a hole in each bumper bracket for the Guard mounting bracket, and 2 holes on each 1/4 steel grille guard mounting brackets... Looks like I will be going to the store again after work.

Here is what it looks like thus far. biggrin.png


I still need to mount the winch carrier, brush guards, and the bumper needs to go back on.

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