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  1. KYMJ

    Honda CT110

    Love it and I'm interested in your bags because I'm looking for some for my new adventure ride. Not near as cool as your bike. Wife and I own our very first bikes, her CL 70 is a hoot to ride, but would love to own a CT. May start looking.
  2. Did you check them with an ohmmeter? When i fried mine you could not tell visually.
  3. I will be, i want it, ive been looking for another for quite some time. We'll work out the details by pm.
  4. I'll come get it, but not sure when.
  5. Is that the one that was on the truck when I sold it to you? Anybody claimed it?
  6. KYMJ

    Computer help.

    OMG, I've got to reply, for cruiser, you are simply THE MAN once again.
  7. KYMJ

    Computer help.

    I'm not surprised that it doesn't make any sense, I'm not a computer guru and don't know a lot of the terminology. But, like I said, if I look at a few threads and particularly one with pics, I can't open another for awhile. If I read a news story on Yahoo, I can't open another, etc., it's just like its completely overloaded or something. The desktop has done it awhile, that's why I started using the laptop. Like I said, I blamed it on the 1000's of photos. The laptop is a NV53 gateway and it has 4gb of memory, says so on the sticker anyway. This computer was my MIL's before she passed. I reformatted and will not allow anybody else on it. Running Norton's 360, for the last couple of years, after using AVG for a long time. Really don't know what else to say, may have to reformat again, would rather not. Thanks, guys.
  8. KYMJ

    Computer help.

    Thanks guys, did what u said, got malwarebytes downloaded on both computers, found a lot on the desktop, nothing on the laptop. Memory, hah, I remember installing more memory on my first computer, I thought these newer computers were the bomb. I hate them now.
  9. KYMJ

    Computer help.

    Internet Explorer. Sounds like what the guy from work said a coup[le of months ago, so many processes going on, but with nary a solution, like it was beneath him. Can't seem to install that on my laptop.
  10. KYMJ

    Computer help.

    Gonna give this a try, because this is the only forum I fell comfortable enough to ask a stupid question. I've asked the IT folks at work and can't get a decent answer that I can understand. Here goes: computers have become a pain, I love to surf and have since my first computer with windows 98. Now my current computers are driving me nuts. When I surf this forum for instance, I read a thread and I literally have to close out the browser and come back later to go onto another thread or even to post a reply. Now, my desktop is loaded down with MANY of my wifes photos, I expect it to be slow and overloaded. But, my laptop is not and I get the same thing, THIS PAGE CANNOT BE LOADED. I'm sick of seeing it every time I try to surf the forums or try to buy something. Is it something I'm doing, does anybody have any advice? I appreciated it. Windows 7 on both. High speed internet for what its worth, The old Windows 98 and dial up was way better to me.
  11. My son took diesel at nashville auto diesel. It is quite expensive, but he is working for Caterpillar as a field tech with a service truck. 60,70 hours a week making more than i made at the Fire Dept when i retired and he loves it. Don't think he'll ever be without work.
  12. KYMJ

    ground hornets

    Several applications of Sevin dust. They wore me out last year. Took awhile to find thier entrance. I also waited until almost dark to apply the dust with no issues. I forgot this, i doused the hole with a can of hornet spray prior to dusting.
  13. I ordered 2 different accelerator cables this year, they both were the same and the "ball" end will not fit the stock pivot ball. They were made to fit a larger ball. So i wound up finding a couple of good working cables at the jy and sending them back.
  14. Congrats, I'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary next week.
  15. Sorry, punch and hammer for key, but you've already figured that out.
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