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  1. Spectormj

    It looks like A lot of time went into this ..

    The thing that bugs me is how they say its a Comanche the cab line doesn't work as a bed line..
  2. Spectormj

    Project Spector

    I saw my old truck once and I guess its bouncing around out there somewhere
  3. Spectormj

    Thanks to the Younger Crowd

    Well ill be a monkeys pecker you had a good trip I bet
  4. Spectormj

    Em's MJ

    Welcome Keep up the good work
  5. Spectormj

    Po' Boy's 88

    So much shiny.. I like the blue paint
  6. Spectormj

    Codename: Bumblebee

    You can still torch things. Hell if you fubar the cat cutting a bad exhaust system you can get a new one at the parts store or the nearest muffler shop
  7. Spectormj

    Em's MJ

    Its a swb mj the fuel door tells all. Its more centered between the door of the cab and the rear fender. Lwb Comanches the flare is closer to the fuel door
  8. Spectormj

    Codename: Bumblebee

    Rainwater don't ya know that to quickly and painless remove exhaust systems apply a torch and cut
  9. Spectormj

    Lwb roll bar middle TN $300

    Still have it
  10. Spectormj

    Project 4 seat MJ, Killed in the womb.

    This seems like good news/progress for ya
  11. Spectormj

    say what!! a prerunner Comanche!!!

    Trophy truck buid would be fun cause prerunners are so open to debate. Just don't be like the Chevy Reaper....its god-awful ugly and a Ford Raptor want to be
  12. Spectormj

    2015 CC Eastern Pow Wow @ Badlands, Attica, IN

    The beer is good but ill see about bringing some good ol corn lyker fresh from them thar hills of Tennessee
  13. Spectormj

    89 comanche eliminator

    I'm not sure if a standard trans has a neutral safety switch. I know auto trans have em
  14. Spectormj

    2015 CC Eastern Pow Wow @ Badlands, Attica, IN

    Summers sounds good to me. Cause I'm bringing a hammock