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I found this Comanche on craigslist and showed it to my Dad. Well I am in Auburn waiting out TS Lee after test driving the comanche and attending Auburn's Football game (witch was a little too close for comfort to start out a season).. Next week I will be back to pay for it and bring it home, I would have done it this trip if the F-250 wasen't in the shop. here are some pics!


Its a Black 1989 MJ Pioneer 2wd auto, short bed, WITH A DANA 44!!!


















And as a side note Auburn WON!! War Eagle!!!



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I drove home from Auburn, AL with Dad's "new" Comanche on 9/11/11 and I let him drive it off the trailer. It took him 22 years but he finally got the Comanche he wanted! this weekend we are going to fix the steering and change the spark plug wires.. This Jeep is still running R12 so it looks like we will be looking for some where to top it off while we get ready to convert it to R134a.



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Dad wants My little brother Steven to start helping me with the Jeeps, so we started out with an oil change



Dad and i removed the old worn out track bar





Chaos, our beagle puppy likes to hang out under the Jeep with me. Here he is supervising me put on the new track bar.



removing the rear bumper. After I removed the bumper Mom and I straightened it out, removed the rust from the back and coated the back with undercoat.


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some more pics from this weekend


new side view mirrors



removing rust from dads MJ




spraying on the undercoat



Repainting the hood. primed and sanded



i started using auto spray can paint for a temporary paint job till dad gets a real one done.. then dad bought me a paint sprayer and some automotive paint for it.. I will be playing with that after work today.







Steven removing the flares from his future MJ



we managed to get the "donor" XJ running, now dad wants to fix it up and get another XJ for a donor engine




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i will know more about the pup tonight after i get off work. today is when mom and dad where going to find out if Chaos will make it or not, so we thought it would be in my and my sister's best interest that we not know till we get home from work and school.. this way we aren't wigged out the rest of the day...


I found a D44 in the JY under a Cherokee :yes: and there are several 8.25s out there as well. I was thinking about geting one for my red MJ

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last night when dad was on his way home, a truck from the other side of the road with its high beams on passed him on the way home and something hit the truck. dad said that because the guys highs where on he moved towards the edge of the road and heard something hit the front of his jeep just as they passed one another. we also found a good sized rock lodged in the grille.


I just finished replacing those freakin parts and they are all damaged again! looks like a trip to the JY is in the works now...


the headlight, and everything in the center of the pictures are damaged in one way or another.




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Its been a while but here is what i did yesterday, Reconnected the rear brakes and bled the lines, bought new front shocks, and a new steering dampener. removed the front axle from the Red88Comanche, its going to be a replacement for the current one. and also going to swap the track bar mount.

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Replaced the break rotors and pads, replaced the wheel bearings, re greased everything with a grease fitting, mounted the track bar mount, modified WJ LCAs to fit the MJ, modified the front axle to fit the WJ LCAs, Re connected the front axle, replaced the front shocks, and replaced the steering dampener. I still need to order some ZJ V8 Variable rate Coil springs.








Our new Tool set






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