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how'd ya line up the uca's?

mine don't wana :shake:


i lined up the uppers first, then the lowers. i was able to push and pry to rotate the axle into the proper position. i also had to use 2 jacks to lift one side and the other till it was in just the right spot.


on my Blue comanche i used rachet straps to help rotate the axle to the proper sopt to connect the lowers

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We got dads MJ running again last weekend, despite the setbacks... The Truck fell of the Jacks Stands due to the ground being soaked all week. so the first matter of business was to get it back up... thankfully the springs and all of the suspension components but the drivers side LCA was in place. and it murdered that LCA..






So we had to but another jack and more jack stands as mine where trapped under the Jeep. can't have too many jack stands can ya right? :brows: so we got it up and had the front resting on 4 stands and larger pads. swapped out the LCAs and we where good to go. Dad wanted to swap out the Broken head lamp so i gave him one of my extras, we took the light to the front of his Jeep (now parked in the Side yard after the test drive) and i showed him what was needed to replace it. so i walk back to the shed to meet him with the Jeep and light when i hear a loud glass shattering sound. :doh: he drove over the headlight... :shake: i Gave him another and we called it a day. but that did not stop him from causing trouble in the kitchen. Mom had a mostly burnt candle and he stuck it in the microwave :no: (who knows why) and a few moments later we heard a boom, the candle had exploded and lit it self in the microwave. as you can guess Mom was not too happy. :fool:


this morning Mam and I took it to a shop for an alignment, as it really needed one.

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Time for an update, had the alignment done a while back and the axle swap and replacing the control arms made a huge difference. also swapped the speedometer gears to match the "new" rear axle gears. now it drives great, rides great, and the speedometer is spot on. Just need to replace the brake booster and will be set for now. comanche.gif

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Had a very long and productive day today.


I started out this morning by cleaning and painting the bumper.









dad mounted the rear bumper and the tire carrier.







While dad was working on the bumper and tire hanger I swapped out the Brake booster and Master Cylinder. It was from a 01 XJ.











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We Finished the Headliner last weekend and also installed a "new" fancy mirror with map lights.


While the Headliner was out we put in some insulation in the cab.



We then prepped the headliner board for the new liner



the fabric



here we sized the new liner to the board



Cut to the proper size or just bigger



liner trimmed



dad cleaned the board one last time before we applied the glue



dad then started applying the glue







the instructions on the can of glue said to apply a second coat in a different direction of the first





we brought everything back inside to attach the new head liner fabric to the board



to apply the headliner evenly to the board we called the rest of the family to help



to help evenly apply pressure and not wrinkle the fabric we used a small paint roller brush





Finished, now we let the newly restored headliner dry



while the headliner was drying dad and I started working on his "new" fancy mirrors. Here was our score from the pick and pull. All 3 mirrors worked, so we chose the best looking one for his Jeep



but before we got too involved with wiring the new mirror we wanted to figure out why the inter lights were not working. we started by checking the fuze, that was the problem



after the fuze was replaced the lights started working, but they would not come on when the drivers door opened. so dad removed the door switch and as luck would have it, the wire to the switch came out in the door somewhere along the line....



Dad then spent the next 20 min. trying to fish out the lost wire, but with no luck..



we moved on to figuring out what wires did what on the B-Pillar lights, as this is where we chose to tie into for power



while dad was working on the B-Pillar lights I made this simple harness for the fancy mirror's lights



dad then spliced in my harness



and we routed it to the mirrors working ares





I then spliced the Mirrors power wires to the new mirror harness wire i made



tested the lights after the wiring



everything works!



Because dad knocked off his old mirror he had to re-attach the mirror mount to the windshield, this was also the first time he had to do this



here dad is scrubbing off the old glue and prepping the mount



cleaning and activating the window surface



applied 2 drops of glue to the back of the mirror mount



Dad putting the mount in its place



while the mirror mount is drying back to the headliner


we trimmed the edges of the headliner again and used double sided tape to secure the excess



we slid the headliner back into place, and here is dad reattaching the A-Pillar trim



next we reattached the visors and the mirror, here is our finished weekend project!




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