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Comanche of the month, Jun 2010 --- WFC's 1988

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Good one this month guys. Back to a street truck, and this one is a history maker. :brows:





--- JUNE 2010 - Worlds Fastest Comanche's LAND SPEED RECORD TRUCK ---







ENGINE & PERFORMANCE: 4.0L bored and stroked to 4.9L 4" bore. 4" stroke, 14:1 cr, Solid roller cam, Diamond pistons, Custom rods, Hesco aluminum head, Roller rockers, Custom valves, Clifford intake with 6 throttle bodies, external oil pump, gear drive for cam, ATI harmoic ballancer.



DRIVETRAIN: Quickttime bellhousing, custom built T5 transmission with .8 od, dana 44 rear 3.08 gears. 2wd



COOLING: Stock 93 radiator and high fow thermostat housing, remote elecric water pump. Oil cooler in front of radiator.



ELECTRICAL & IGNITION: Haltec ECU, coil near plug setup using LS6 coils



STEERING: Jeep manual box wiih Borgenson steering shaft



SUSPENSION: Front axle dropped 4" and shorter springs installed. rear leafsprings removed and replaced with a 4 link setup with coil over shocks.



INTERIOR: Roll cage, racing seat, not much else



BRAKES: 94 brake booster installed powered by an electric vaccuum pump. Stock fromt and rear brakes with performance pads.






WHEELS/TIRES: Fronts are 15x5 marsh racing wheeks and the rear are 15X6 The tires change depending on the event, but generally we are running Z rated radials



MISCELLANEOUS: Rear mounted fuel cell and 2 rear mounted batteriess.



Best MJ story

For the best story, well hard to tell, i think the best story is the one we are in the middle of right now, we have the engine working well, but we had a severe steering shake last month when we tried to run at Maxton. We should have everything fixed and plan to run it again the end of June.


But a good story has a beginning, middle and an end, so here is a Comanche story that does.


When my son was in High School he had a Cherokee (FSJ 1981) He came over a hill and hit some black ice and slid int a tree( at least that is what he told me) The frame on the Cherokee was severely bent, but he needed a car for school. I found a Comanche in Milwaukee for $1200. It was a 4.0, 4wd stick. We went to look at it and the guy sait that it use to bleong to his neighbor who was an old man who just liked to change to oil all the time. I ran a Carfax on it whebn i got home, and the guy was full of crap, it was never owned by anybody who lived any where near him. The Header was cracked, and the front disconnect was not working correctly, but these were minor.

I found out a couple of years later that my son and his friends would take their vehicles to a gravel pit after school had go wheeling. The comanche held up very well for about 2 years, than my son decided to turn it int a an off road truck, ( it was severely rusted) He didn't have a lift kit, but wanted to put 35" tires on it. The only tool he could seem to come up with to make them fit was a Sledge hammer. I cam home to find 5 people taking turns beating the hell out of the wheel wells. The finally got the tires to clear, then came up with the bright idea of taking the doors off. Roll it on the trailer and off to the badlands. Well after a hard day of wheeling, the roof of the cab buckled. It was done. It was a good soldier who served with distinction, bit it was time for him to retire, We pulled the motor, took the tires off and that was the end of it.
















Congrats on making this months MJOTM Peter! It's been awesome to read about your build, and the steps you've taken to make this happen, as well as the speedbumps along the way. ;) It was awesome for you to open your doors up to the Comanche Club when we had the outing, to show us the truck, and your stockpile of Jeeps. Also, it was you who found out about the original land speed record truck, got us in to see it(well just Pete), and when we discovered that the Thunderchief still exists.


Looking forward to a Comanche holding the Land Speed Record again.


Best of luck to you Peter, and once again, congratulations.

Rob L. :cheers:

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