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Comanche of the month, Apr 2010 --- SHELBYLUVV's 1989

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Well, this month finds us at the project stage once again, and fishing for a super sweet project. Luckily, there just happens to be one that fits the bill. ;) Be sure to congratulate this months MJOTM honoree. :cheers:





---APRIL 2010 - SHELBYLUVV's 1989(Technically) 2WD(not anymore) ELIMINATOR---






I used the engine out of a 97 XJ. It is a stone stock 4.0 with the only mods being APN header that replaced the cracked XJ's stock manifold.




I again butchered the 97 XJ for its AW4, 242, and non disco HP30. The rear D44 axle came out Comanche in California. With the help of some friends I was able to get it delivered to me in Georgia for free.




It is nothing more than the 97 XJ's radiator and factory transmission cooler.




I used the parts rig's wiring from stem to stern light. My Navy brothers will appreciate that statement. I did have to cut out some unnecessary things that were not used on the truck. Mainly the hatch wiring, rear defroster, rear wiper, and the two rear door switches since my donor was a four door.




Up front I upgraded to the heavier V8 ZJ steering linkages and the 97 XJ's Up Country sway bar for their strength benefits.




The suspension was pieced together with a lot of different parts. In the front I used Rough Country CA drop brackets and sway bar drop brackets, Teraflex ADJ TB, BDS extended brake lines, and finished it off with Rubicon Express 4.5 coils. In the rear I originally had a SOA. This made the truck sit about 3" higher than the front. Because it looked like crap I ordered a set of Hellcreek 4.5 rear leaves from Tom and at the same time I picked up Rough Country 9000 series shocks all the way around.




I went a few different routes with the truck's interior. I originally traded my stock buckets to Pete for a bench. Then I decided to do the 97 conversion and went with the Tan XJ leather buckets. I did not like the tan son I decided on some 06 WK seats and gray/agate XJ interior. Then I tried some SEM paint on the dash. I did not like this look and was given the idea by Sir Sam to go with agate interior panels. It currently has a 2000 XJ Agate dash, center console, and door panels, 97 XJ OHC cut down to fit an MJ, 97 ZJ cloth power seats, and left over MJ rear panels.




I swapped in the 97 booster and master while I was doing all the rest of the conversion.




The lights are a mix of stock 97 XJ and 89 MJ tails. I modified the stock MJ rear tail light wiring to work with the XJ's wiring so I could keep the stock MJ tail lights.




I stumbled on a great deal on a set of (5) 16x8 Rubicon Moabs with 245/75/16 MTRs and that decided what wheel and tire combo I would be running.




I went with a 97 TJ gauge cluster, fuel tank, and sender to get the fuel gauge to read correctly. because the TJ tank is wider I had to have a custom built rear drive shaft for fuel tank clearance.


Best MJ story


Getting to spend an hour in the shower washing the grease and under coating off my wife after the frame detail! :jump:


What owner loves best about CC


The members of the board are extremely helpful and giving. I owe a ton of thanks to Johnny, Patrick, Paul, Alex, Pete and of course you Bill! These guys have got me parts that I just would not have ever found.


There are countless others who have helped me either by giving me guidance or keeping me motivated.


Thanks goes to everyone of you!





Interior #1


Interior #2


Interior #3


Interior #4


current interior








(Bo added this to his form I sent him, :rotfl2: - Rob)



Thanks for sharing the info about your truck Bo. Once again, the details and quality in the truck reflect a meticulous and wise owner. I have to say the interior changing was truly a search for perfection. (I would have been happy with any one of them :yes: ) The truck looks great, and I can't wait to see it finished. Can't speak any higher of ya as a member either Bo, putting in your time as a mod, and being an integral part of the group.


One great MJ, one great member. jamminz.gif


Rob L. :cheers:

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Shelby - Congrats on the COTM :cheers:


Wow........what a transformation :eek:


So now we know what the 1997 model year of the MJ would have looked like :D


Great job on putting everything together on that :thumbsup: Knowing that alot of "newer" parts really have to be massaged to fit an older vehicle :headpop:


I know you've spent alot of time on this project, and add alot of participation to the forum :thumbsup:

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Thank you everyone. I am honored to be a member of this great organization. There is not better a forum on the internet. I owe a lot of what this truck is to the members of this forum. Without you all she would have been junked by now.


We are very proud of the truck and I look forward to finishing it and starting on my next build.


Thank you!

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Hell of a transformation Bo. The workmanship and attention to detail is fantastic. I always follow your build and it has given me a lot of ideas. Man, I'd love to see a stroker 4.6 or better crate engine dropped in it when the time comes. Would be the perfect topping for your resurrected 97+ MJ creation mate. :cheers:

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Congrats Shelby!


I love this build. Can't wait to see the finished product. :popcorn:


Soon as you work out all the wickets with the 97+ swap, it will be easier for the rest of us. :D



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