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officially dumbest of the dumb right here


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Wow that thing is ummmm,, well its just crazy...


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: WTH!!!!!!


But we can't rag on him to hard,, I mean he has a WEEDING to pay for... I guess theres some big weeds in KY.


And WTH is the deal with the wheels? :???: :dunno:

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i saw this ad on another forum and all i have to say is, wow.......really? :dunce:


WTH is a 309 :hmm:, how is this a good?


"It has about a 24" Shackle lift. This gives you the hight but makes for a bummby ride on the road. May want to redo it. Its up to you!!!"


and the weird thing is that people are actually bidding on it, 17 bids so far,

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Damn, and I thought the full size chebbies around here with the 12" blocks on stock sized tires was bad.


What's the point of a 24" lift if you end up with less ground clearance than you started with? Can that suspension even function?

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