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Lets see your hi lifts

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4 hours ago, watchamakalit said:

So is the security zip tie a must have with this mod?   I was just gonna use one of those plastic clipy things off the hot dog buns.....:thinking:

Its just a spare with quick access to it. :brows:

3 hours ago, ghetdjc320 said:

Hylift Xtreme with the hylift mounts


If i had your money..  :shaking:

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I have the stuff to do this as well. not sure if Ill put it behind the seat or in the bed. I'm waiting on finishing some other things I'm doing to it before I install it. 


On another note, Ive noticed on my local Jeep Facebook pages that there is a lot of hate towards these jacks and that they are dangerous to use. I havent found a lot of info on why though. I still plan to mount mine though. Anyone have any insight on why these arent a good idea?

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where do you put the jack to lift up your vehicle?  that's key.  the biggest danger is the utter lack of friction holding the jack base or hoist point still.  jacks slipping out of place is a very dangerous thing.  plus as you lift the vehicle can shift causing the jack body to contact the Jeep body in ways you may not be happy about.  plus occasionally the handle will snap back and try to kill you mid lift, but that might be more of an off-brand farm jack thing. 


I carried a hi-lift everywhere I went, but I never used it because I also carried a hydraulic floor jack.  all my experience with hi-lifts comes from other people using them. 

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Using them takes some sense and know how in means of a stright stick holding the jeep up. Balance and coordination is key attributes for anyone using this jack. Its very functional and has winched me out of many holes before I was able to afford a mount a winch on the jeep. Since then I have yet to use it very much if at all these days. However I keep it in It's place and carry the extra weight as it does serve a purpose and can be used in many ways for any sort of recovery or trail repair that I find myself in. With my jeep having 37s and 8.5" of lift it does come in handy to lift my jeep under the front or rear bumpers. Makes for a easy way to right a inverted shackle for sure.  Can they be scary sometimes, for sure, is it still worth it to have one, to me for sure. :thumbsup:

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I've winched with one too.  it was... eventually effective. :L:  lord knows we were screwed if it didn't eventually get the bronco out of that ice puddle. :doh:  but both of us have winches now, so we learned both that the hi-lift can do the job, but also no one wants to actual use that thing for that purpose unless absolutely forced to.  :laugh:

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