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Jeep Grand Comanche?

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In my honest opinion, it looks silly. Leave the poor ZJ be... :roll: You see way more Xj's chopped like that because their cheaper to acquire, so I guess people don't feel as bad cutting them up. I'm personally still a fan of stock bodies w/ interior cages. :cheers:


BTW check out this forum if your getting serious about it:


My screen name over there is "mission-inc".


Here are some pictures I found:


From Pirate4x4:






From Mallcrawlin:


I suppose that's enough pictures...? :nuts:

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I'm thinking of Buying a Grand cherokee and Adding a Bed to the back


Here is a pickture of what i want to do




hahah what do you think?


No hauling would be done it would be pretty much a show / off road truck/suv thing hahha


Why don't you just find a Dodge Rampage and convert it to 4x4? :D


Image Not Found

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