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    German MJ/ZJ

    I kinda like it... If they hadn't used the Chinese XJ 2500 looking lights and grill...
  2. Brotherman, hope you get well soon. Take care and God Bless... Roger (USN Retired)
  3. The way I see it, you got another MJ as a solution for extra tires and wheels... I wonder if that would work with my wife...
  4. I live close and still haven't been for speed weeks... Then again, I have been to Moab yet either and only managed parts fo the Pony Express Trail. Might finally get me out to the salt to see a MJ run it... :cheers:
  5. That Duplicolor wheel paint is some neat stuff. I painted some aluminum wheels for Neon with their graphite color a couple years ago and they have held up very well through two Utah winters and the crap they throw on the roads here. Granted, its on car wheels, but you will like the results. And I didn't use any primer either, I had previously sand blasted the wheels and almost dropped the coin for powder coating.
  6. Now, will that be an XJ with a frame, or is it still considered unibody? Nice work.
  7. Might make the neighbors nervous!!! I LOVE THAT!!! I think most of my neighbors are resigned to the idea I will always have some project in my driveway... Though someday, I might privacy fence the RV pad in...
  8. 242 is great on snowy roads. Slip it into Fulltime and away you go. You still have PartTime for the traisl and 4 low for climbing. There isn't a 4:1 kit like the 231 has available, shure would be nice if it did. Then again, maybe I'll look into a boxforrocks 231 kit and slip the 242 behind the 231 crawlbox.
  9. Well, hopefully the final chapter to this thread. I drove the beastie around last week and didn't have any issues. So my daughter came home for the weekend and I gave her her XJ. She called after getting back to college last night quite pleased with it. She says more power than it ever had. I'm happy, now, on to the next project... :cheers:
  10. Thanks. What a fun problem to resolve... NOT! My daughter will be happy to have her Jeep back though. I am going to drive it every evening this week. :wavey:
  11. Well, buttoned up the front of the XJ, replaced the bent bumper with a nice chrome one, dropped in the center console from the parts rig, and generally got it ready to give back to my daughter. I took it for another spin this evening, and am very happy with the performance. Its fun to drive right now too. It could snow a little this week so I might even get to do some MINOR snow wheeling... If I can get the longer U bolts before my daughter gets home, I'll do the 2" coil spacers and rear lift blocks. Otherwise, that can wait till XMas break when it also gets a different set of wheels a
  12. So I got the CPS the other day, put it in today. Man what a pain in the butt that is!!!! But there was no change. :mad: And so I pulled the Ignition Module from the parts rigs. No change... :no: Back to the parts rig. Pulled the distributor, I mean, it COULD be the cam sensor... Umm, no. By this point, I'm very frustrated. EXTREMELY... :headpop: So I go back and look at everything I've done to this point. Touch everything and check every connector. Again. Check all the vacuum lines again. Decided to take a break. Since I thought the CPS had to be the deal, I
  13. Three years ago I almost bought property near where I was working at the time. I was in an apartment 4 nights a week driving back home for the weekends. My wife and my goal was to buy some property, drop travel trailer on it for me to live in, build a large garage with a sort of apartment in it. In a couple years when the kids were out of school and gone, setup a modular (not double wide) home on the property and sell the other house. Some of my co-workers did the same thing, and most of the homes in the town were either modular or mobile. Luckily, I got an offer elsewhere. Moved th
  14. Its my understanding that ZJ springs tend to be about an inch taller than XJ/MJ springs. That said, Upcountry springs are an inch taller than stock ZJ springs.
  15. Decided that my friends might be right. Renix manual indicates it might indeed be the CPS. Ordered through Rock Auto. Should be here Monday. Gives me time to pull more from the parts rig. If its not the CPS, i'll swap the fuel pump.
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