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'90 MJ (2wd - Daily Driver)

500 MJ

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I have a secret that I have been keeping from you all ;)


The newest addition:





Florida truck that spent only one winter in Michigan, therefore its solid as the dickens. 1990 2wd-4.0L/AW4/D35 (100,266 miles) and chances are its gonna stay that way. I bought this one for the gas mileage and plan on keeping it stock. Maybe a few years from now it will get some new paint (its very deserving of it) but as for now, just replacing the essentials and getting it ready for a summer full of driving.


$675 and drove it 15 miles to my home on the highway. :thumbsup:

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Took these the day afterI got the truck back downstate to my home and got it washed up. Cleaned up pretty good. After I took these pics I proceeded to pull the bench and carpet to find a solid floor. That about made my day ;)


Took the carpet out to the pressure wash rack and cleaned it up. You would be amazed what hot water and a bit of degreaser and scrubbing can do to old dirty carpet. Thats about where I left it. Had to get back up to college. Hope to get the interior put back together over spring break and install some bucket seats in the place of that old bench when I do.




6 cylinders of power.



Farmboy must have taken it for one last romp in the field before he put the for sale sign in it. Thats about as much mud as I wash off of my '88 after I get done playing. :roll:


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Well, I enjoyed my trip to Finland but I am now home and working on my White MJ again. I left off with the carpet being pulled way back at spring break. We cleaned it with a pressure washer (which works great!!!!) and left it out to dry....for 4 months.


Before the carpet was pulled this is what it looked like:




Once I got back into town last weekend I started right where I left off. After throwing a battery in the old girl, it took right off and I got ready to do some work.


I started cleaning up the rust on the floor and found that after-all I would need to patch a place on the passengers floor that had caught lots of water from the leaky windshield, it was a shame as it was all still mostly there but had lots of pinholes in it. So I cut my patch and welded it in.







Drivers floor was good to go! :brows:



Got the nice and dry padding put back in:



And then the carpet:




I own what you see, the Canoe and two Jeeps 8)



I also started cleaning up some rust very quickly this weekend, got the tailgate as good as I am going to get it, I'm hoping to replace this one because it is bent and some of the rust has gone through the skin...




So now that I have a nice new clean interior, I started to clean my new bucket seats so I could get them installed. Thats how far I am, once I get them done I'll update again... Things are going nicely so far and I'm so glad to be able to work on the truck(s) again!

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Well, the seats are back in the truck and I've started working on other things as well.




I had some problems with my radio and interior lights working. I figured them out and got them working again.



Then I started work on cleaning up the body on the passengers side of the truck.



I've also gone out and gotten some new rolling stock and a front face lift for the old girl. I bought the parts for the front end conversion from mrclean. There are all of the parts necessary for the conversion there but they are all painted a different color. I hope to get a quick shot of white on them all and get them on before I head back for college.




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This is how I left the truck before coming back up to college this fall: I got paint shot on all of the new front end parts and have them loosely hung on the truck (The paint was only one day old when I hung them on, didnt want to get too feisty with them) I'll snug them all down once I get home for Thanksgiving break and will put the truck on the road then to drive. I did paint the 97+ front bumper as well, just haven't gotten in on the truck yet.








Overall, its coming together quite nicely. :D

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Is that there your ball and chain?? :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:


No thats the EPIC tether ball.... jamminz.gif


Wow, that's crazy. I had one of those in college with an 8-ball painted on it (something original don't you think LOL). Nice conversation piece. "Uh, heh heh, hey baby, wanna go see my giant 8-ball? Heh heh, heh"

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I've almost owned the truck for a full year now... Only driven it about 450 miles so far... ;)


But it IS coming along, sometimes projects just take time...


While I was home a few weeks ago for the Thanksgiving Break from College I did end up getting the panels all fit to the truck, lined up and whatnot as well as getting a new windshield put on it.


I learned while I had the old nasty windshield out that I do have some rust HOLES in the top of the roof from the other one leaking - Just what I needed. I cleaned them up the best I could and had the glass guy put the new one in. He said that they would be OK... But if anyone is going to scrap out an MJ and they live close to Michigan, cut the entire roof off of it before you do, right at the tops of the fenders and halfway up the doors. It would be easiest to replace the whole top now that I looked into it and saw how wavy the roof was on this one too, there is a good weeks worth of body work on that in itself...


Anyway, here are some pics. Will be on the road soon.






I'm looking into getting some stock foglights to finish out the setup, think that they would look good on there...

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