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Prank war at work


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I’ve been in a prank war with my Coworkers. I’m looking for new and creative ways to screw with these guys. 

I DO NOT WANT TO CAUSE ANY DAMAGE TO VEHICLES. These are work trucks owned by an awesome boss, and I don’t want things to get out of hand or cost the boss any money. I Always pre warn the mechanic as well. 

So far it’s been applying grease to handles and other often touched objects. 

Or writing funny things on the back of dirty Dump truck trailers. CD63D053-7B8B-4363-9AD7-8F80024B8FAF.jpeg.306d9d02877277250f6cbb2a7c5d36b2.jpeg

A magnetic bumper sticker that says

“I have herpies” has made its rounds too. 


For whatever reason, doing dirt work, we always find … Fake Johnnys. Or objects shaped that way. This is a piece of wood that we found, so I took some bailing wire, hid it up under, so he didn’t notice on morning walk around but hid it in a way that it would fall out upon hitting the first bump. E514C490-5574-437C-9B09-A05773006D45.png.04fa72452f2a31ac2edef8785721829a.png

He drove around like this for about a week before noticing 



One guy got a couple of Harmonica’s Zip tied onto his dump truck. 

Harmonica zip tied to his visor

And the passenger grab handle for good measure. 

He called the mechanic freaking out saying his turbos were about to blow up. 
The mechanic, who already knew about it, told him to just keep driving it, so he had to listen to the noise all day. 

The Greaser kid who tried, but failed to get me, got this treatment… 



Cut open a water bottle length wise, filled it with Ice cold water, then 6C0159FE-77FA-4A7F-A490-478011007BC1.jpeg.b1f85d09d32ef4f9ed0a80b859fe2c6e.jpegPut it into his sun visor. Seemed a little obvious so I wrapped it in a rag, so even if he noticed and grabbed the rag, he was getting a wet crotch. A7B371B7-1069-440E-A5CB-D04A9E75B356.jpeg.9ac6a5ffbff70ac5e6717ee6310f2e01.jpeg


He didn’t notice it and promptly found out the first time he hit the gas trying to pull out into traffic. 


These guys decided to move the cones we put out so no body would park here, and got taught what happens. 431BB7F0-A53D-4785-8620-571638DA8D3D.jpeg.88ff525a061025bb988a8175fc63ae94.jpeg

Bury em in with the Side dump. 

One of the plumbers was a cool dude so I had to screw with him too. 48171DF7-90EA-442F-85C7-BD31EFDB8CE5.jpeg.d16f1185d0b2027af432ffccfb5bae44.jpeg

The old Zip ties on the driveshaft has been played out. 

Tire soap inside a glove was a pretty good one too. 

Let me know what you guys come up with.

Ill be more than happy to try out anything that doesn’t damage vehicles. 

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in 2005, when I was on the Marine Corps Shooting Team, we participated in a competition in Australia, with the British Royal Marine Commandos Team in attendance as well.  The Brits initiated a prank war by securing our running shoes to the ceiling of our barracks with 3" drywall screws (using a cordless screw gun), which we had to remove with hand tools.  We retaliated by putting "U.S. Marine Shooting Team" stickers on their barracks windows.  They removed the stickers, broke into the Base General's office in the middle of the night, and put a sticker on his computer monitor.  The Australians weren't happy about it and we had a heck of a time explaining.  Then the Brits broke into our rooms (again) and put open cans of sardines and tuna under the furniture.  We complained about the smell for several days before figuring it out.  As you can probably see, the Brits were experts at the game.  

There was a whole lot more of back and forth, until...

One night, we came back from the bars at about 2am, caught a kangaroo, and threw it into one of their barracks rooms.  It turned out to be their CO and SgtMajs room.  That ended the shenanigans.  

10 years later, it was still being talked about, and had become the stuff of legend.

Despite the games, The British Royal Marines and the US Marine Shooting Team have deep respect for each other.  

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13 hours ago, GrandBoost98 said:

Hide a horn somewhere and hook it up to the trailer harness so that whenever he hits the brakes or a blinker, the horn goes off. 

This is a good one. I’m sure random horns an the junkyard are cheap. 👍Noted sir. 

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1 hour ago, kook911 said:

If you pull trailers place a quarter into the glide hand. The quarter will prevent the truck from release in the air brakes and will take forever to figure it out.  

Oh yeah good one there, we will occasionally have guys pull a trailer on site, then dump the trailer to run solo on site. Would be easy to pull off.  I’ll do this next time that happens. 👍

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