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Parts to grab?

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So I found someone that has 5 or 6 cherokees and two Comanches one is 89 short bed 4x4 and other is 87 longbed 4x2. the 89 has no engjne, transmission, rear axle, seats, dashboard(owner broke it helping me pull the dash for the harness+fuse box). the 87 I haven't really looked at too much but plan to more today.

It is 89 miles from where I stay so i would like to be more productive when i go there this time.(would be third time)

the original reason I went there was to get the dash wiring harness+fuse box because i accidentally plugged those two extra power and ground wires by the license plate and melted a huge portion of my fuse box wires and dash wires.


Parts that I have taken so far

the first trip I spent $50 and got


from the 89 comanche


fuse box/dash wiring harness(yay no more electrical shorts)


full gauge cluster(I have one but i got this one only cause its closer to the mileage of my truck due to the speedometer cable being broken for 40000~ miles of driving)-for free 


the second trip spent $30 and grabbed


from a cherokee,


3spoke steering wheel.


windshield wiper multifunction switch.


from the 89 comanche


clutch pedal


cross member(forgot to grab the transfer case skid plate or whatever it is but plan to grab it today)


turn signal switch


the little plate that screws into the tunnel at the base of the shifter(I accidentally threw mine away not knowing what it was when I first got the truck)




cigar lighter socket that has a light 


I have gotten everything for a good deal in my opinion.

my question is what parts should I look out for?

I was thinking of getting.


ECU from the 89 comanche(incase something catastrophic happens to mine)


×2 pairs of tailights from both trucks


interior plastic trim stuff


was thinking of getting the rest of the maroon dashboard to match the 3 spoke steering wheel I pulled from the cherokee.


what would you grab? all of these vehicles are going to the dump so I been trying to grab as much as I can but not sure what I should get. (Obviously grabbing things that are missing on my truck but was wondering about comanche specific things to look out for? Sorry if these are dumb questions. I also apologize for this post being scattered and probably isn't clear. I guess I'm just looking for some ideas of what some of you would grab if you had the opportunity. i will take some pictures of the trucks when I get there later; if the guy doesn't mind; to give an idea of what I am grabbing from. also should I grab the VIN's for the registry list? haha (I don't know what I'm doing just excited to be pulling parts from these vehicles) Again I apologize for this post. I am really greatful to have found this website with all of this information available. thank you. 

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Take a trailer and get the 87.


From the XJs, what are the years of each?  If they're 86-90, then start grabbing common parts to the MJ.  If 91+, the engine parts swap would match if you have 91-92 MJ.  If there is a 2 dr XJ grab the front seats.  These tilt forward.


Other may (will) add more.

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Basically, from the MJs grab everything that's grab-able. Try to get the rear flares and support plates -- no, they are NOT the same as Cherokee 2-door rear flares, regardless of what anyone tries to tell you.


* Rear bumpers

* Tailights

* Cab side (B pillar) vent louvers

* Seat brackets and pedestals

* Parking brake assemblies

* ECUs -- even the '87. They don't make 'em anymore.

* If they are automatics, get the TCUs and harnesses

* Headliners (even if the fabric is bad, get the moldboards if they're solid)

* Rear windows. They aren't flat glass, so replacements are unobtanium

* Tailgates

* Spare tire winches


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47 minutes ago, Warren99 said:

Fuel pumps are unique? You can't buy a new one anywhere?


The sending unit (for the gas gauge) is different than for the XJ. The correct sending unit for an MJ is basically impossible to find.

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10 hours ago, Pete M said:

rent trailer, get the 87, then pile everything you can into it. :D 


how rusty are the trucks?

the 89 swb is red and is not bad for sitting there for who knows how long. i think if i remember right the rear bumper was the rustiest piece on the 89. the 87 lwb is black and is good looking too except the bed looks like a tree fell on it or it slemmed into a tree while it was getting wheeled, other than that its not badjust covered in powdered green mildew. i can't remember if its the 89 or the 87 that has the big dent in the bed but both are failry rust free or atleast to a minimum surface rust.

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28 minutes ago, Eagle said:


The sending unit (for the gas gauge) is different than for the XJ. The correct sending unit for an MJ is basically impossible to find.

difficult but possible. I bought a 23.5 gallon gas tank for the sending unit and then when swapping mine out i broke the little tab on the unit so I pulled the sending unit apart and just feed the wire through the little hole on it and wrapped it around twice and squeezed it back in and my gas gauge works but i think I put the fuel pump housing in at a slight angle and missed the gromet hole so the float gets stuck at a quarter tank. i will fix soon but for now it does the trick. i still have the tank too but its pretty rusty. i will definitely check out the gas tanks and sending units when i go there next.

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6 minutes ago, Warren99 said:

Oh ok, yea I'm about as far as you can get from there

maybe its time to make the trip eh?

3 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

For a democratic state, there sure as hell is a lot of XJs and MJs floating around up there. My wife used to live up the before coming down here and I’ve seen a couple MJs and plenty of XJs and an Eagle. 

yeah for sure. I have seen a few MJs up here in fact every MJ i have seen in my entire life has been up here. my buddy had one sitting in his yard for years and I always asked him about it and he said it was his uncles and he didnt want to get rid of it. then it sat for a few more years, next thing i knew they moved off the property and guess what happened??? he sold the MJ! I found that out after I managed to my hands on one and then asked him about getting parts from that one.


I know someone in Utah that has an MJ that someone parked on their property for three years and now they just want it gone, 200 bucks!!! title and everything. I'm trying to get my cousin to pick it up for me but he is slacking! 

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