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The Jeep homestead

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Not much to say really. I will be just posting the progress on my new home in this thread. I bought a home in March and closed on April 16, 2021, has a two car garage and a pool. I was more after a house with a garage but this one sort of fell into my lap and I was able to snag it in the already insane market. It is a fixer upper but honestly, I am willing and ready to learn. 


Now for some pics:


Entry/living room:(these pics are not current)















Guest bath:



2nd bedroom:



Master suite:






All in all not as bad as the seller was making it out to be. I am happy with what I bought despite all its issues and quirks. Will move the pics of the garage and pool to here as well. 

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3 hours ago, 89 MJ said:

It looks good, should be plenty of growing room in there. 
How about the AMC flag like this for the garage door? :brows:


Thats a tempting idea. I have to replace the garage door first. 

2 hours ago, Pete M said:

score! :D 


is that tile everywhere or a flooring that looks like tile?

Funny enough only the bathrooms and laundry room is tile. The rest is some sort of vinyl laminate. 

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48 minutes ago, MiNi Beast said:

structure issues or just the brick work needing attention? :dunno:

Brick just needs attention. Nothin too serious. Started moving boxes of my stuff in. That being said, one of the trusses is actually splitting and needs to be reinforced. 

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Things continue!! Got a leaky valve for the washer hoses. I replaced one knob for my shower and went to replace the other one only to have screw break off holding the knob on. And it’s the hot water one too!! Nothing like using channel locks to control your shower lol. I got that fridge back together and it works as it should. Gonna install it tonight. 

Pool pump is being annoying now. It’s becoming more of a pain to prime. So that’s fun. Looking for some parts for the system if any one has any just so I can keep the system going until I’m good and established to replace stuff with new. 


other than that I’m just moving stuff over. I’ll take some pics tonight of where I’m at in the process. 

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The fun continues!! Last night I decided to go ahead and install the new to me fridge, courtesy of my girlfriend finding the fridge on Facebook for a steal. So I got the fridge in place, hooked up the water hose and gave it a bump to tighten it with some channel locks and *click* comes off the threads to the valve. Now I did the sensible thing and turned off the main water before plunging into this because the valve is one of those valves you’d find behind the toilet and it just wouldn’t shut off. The thing still leaked even when off and I know why, it’s the lowest valve point in the house. Anyways called my dad had him help and I went to Home Depot to get a new valve and pipe and came back with a new valve/box kit that uses the new shark bite clamps and got it all working as it should. Also got the new oven in today too. Woo!

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Once there’s no more boxes I’ll snap some pics. I promise. Anyways the washer wasn’t spinning after doing a load. Great...more issues with newer appliances yay. So I went into the washers on board diag mode. Forced the motor to spin through there. Wouldn’t spin. Ok great. So I tilted the machine up. Had my buddy hold so it wouldn’t fall on me while working. So I took the protective belt cover off and spun the tub and motor by hand and it spun freely like it should. So my next thing was to text my dad and he threw some ideas out. So I figured I’d take out the motor(power obviously disconnected) and see what it was doing. Well it still spun freely and I showed my dad and he said a module could be broken. So I cleaned up the connector and threw it back in. Went back into diag mode on the washer, forced it to spin and low and behold! I have a working washer now. Fun stuff. Also my entertainment center is coming along nicely. 


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39 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

Try telling that to the dryer lol. 

why the fuclk do you need a dryer in the damn desert? you know I dry clothes in the winter even on a line. must be rich be able to afford to heat up your clothes. :doh:

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44 minutes ago, MiNi Beast said:

why the fuclk do you need a dryer in the damn desert? you know I dry clothes in the winter even on a line. must be rich be able to afford to heat up your clothes. :doh:

Lol excellent question. I might invest in a clothes line at some point. 

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