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Welcome Street Comanche Owners!

89 MJ

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12 minutes ago, Strokermjcomanche said:

I have parts from # 7 that came from a junkyard in California and other S/C parts I got from southern Ohio which I have no idea what number it was . 


I know it's not thread worthy, just trying to account for where 2 of the hundred have gone ...


maybe we should start threads anyway.  seems right to share what we do know.  :L: 

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We need to bring all the stuff over from the street Comanche Zoho site.  I have an airdam off a California S/C, can't remember the number off the top of my head.  I believe its the one stroker got his part from as well.

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1 hour ago, Vicsep84 said:

I just found a guy selling the 037/100 street comanche... currently running, 250k miles... how much can i pay for it?




there are so few of them that it's hard to say if the SC name carries any extra value.  :dunno:  it's worth what you think it's worth. :L: 

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