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  1. The power window and lock circuits use plugs that insert into the fuse block, factory-wise, and use 30(?) amp circuit breakers to protect them. As for the relays, in the '91, they're mounted on the passenger A-pillar under the kick panel, but we moved them to the driver kick panel for simplicity's sake.
  2. Power locks and windows in the MJ and XJ is a separate harness that goes across the front of the floorpan and hump under the carpeting and sound deadener. Joe and I just did that mod using a '96 harness for the basic wiring, and parts of a '91 harness to get the door lock relays from the RKE setup. I made hand-drawn diagrams for it, and was going to post them when Joe started a thread on these mods.
  3. Easy to measure for a driveshaft. I'll also talk about driveshaft phasing in a minute. Insert the yoke into the tail housing until it bottoms, then pull back about 1-1.5". Take a tape measure, and measure from the center of the yoke ear all the way to the center of the axle yoke ear. Give that measurement to the driveshaft company when you give them your driveshaft. As for 'phasing,' the centerline of the output shaft and the centerline of the pinion gear shaft need to be parallel to each other. If it isn't then the axle housing needs to be shimmed, on the front of the spring mount pads to lower the pinion angle, or on the back to raise it. Get it as close as possible to parallel, because there's no slop to rely on in U-joints.
  4. Excellent work, and good on you for not letting the smoke out. Now, here's the $64,000 question: will a Renix sender resistor fit an HO pump hanger? Joe's gauge reads backward, and I'd rather not try installing an HO fuel gauge, just in case it requires slicing and dicing the cluster and cluster wiring to do it.
  5. Uh, yeah, but we should consider ourselves lucky that it's there, otherwise, everyone would be bitchin' and moanin' about the noisiness. What do you have going on your column?
  6. Yesterday, Ashley (Mrs. Maveric) cut a nice big brisket in half, and cubed one half so it could be coarse-ground for brisket burgers, chargrilled by Joe, topped with cheese and on nice local-made buns from HEB. Sided with mac&cheese and smoky BBQ beans. Sorry, no pics, but we also watched The Patriot.
  7. Ohhhhh, I had a recollection of some King Salmon cooked in cinnamon applesauce. I love it when the memory is so strong, you taste it on your tongue.
  8. If you have to have your rig machine-washed, find one where you stay still and the machine moves back and forth. That's the only solution I can think of. Congratulations on your original ownership.
  9. You have slop in the rotor and shaft when moving the crankshaft back and forth? I know that Ford's spec for timing slop is no more than 15° rotation before rotor movement. I'm wondering if your timing has jumped at least one tooth?
  10. He's brought up a good point. My former co-worker did a 4.0 Renix R&R, and somehow got the engine position 180° out. So be sure to check that.
  11. VLS was after my time; I was in Fox Division, NATO Seasparrow, and the Evolved Seasparrow totally blows me away, as they not only still have box launchers, but now have VLS installs on the Arleigh Burke destroyers. I got out in early September '89.
  12. Ah, OK, Joe's homestead's down here in the pecan orchards of Seguin, more or less between San Antonio and Austin.
  13. Aaaand where is this yard located? Anything worthy of snagging on the hacked Comanche?
  14. I got lucky, left a full socket set in a Grand Marquis when Joe and I pulled a ton of interior parts for his wife's Colony Park, and went back the next day for Jeep parts; it was actually there! I've had my tools stolen as well as left them, with no recovery, so getting them back unseen brought me relief.
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