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LS V8 Swap

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You won't get much change out of $6 - $8k if you do it right. I am building one right now. Novak Conversions are a great resource for V8 swaps.

Long block $3k

Trans adapter $400

Valve covers $200

Engine mounts $400

Headers $500

Radiator $400

LS1 intake $300

Alternator $300

PS pump $200

Accessory drive relocate $500

Harness and PCM $1,000

Water pump $200

Hoses $300

Etc, etc ,etc

The small stuff will nickel and dime you to death. You can get a high mileage LS from the junkyard but you will always have to deal with failing components. You might get lucky and save yourself a few grand.  If you want to build a long term reliable power plant thst fits under the hood of an MJ it isnt cheap. But neither is a stroker and an LS will give you much more power and flexibility.

Having gone through this I have huge admiration for the GM engine designers they built an incredibly versatile platform.

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8 hours ago, Limeyjeeper said:

Etc, etc ,etc

First two things which came to mind are- 

Drive shafts, front and rear, depending on quality and from whom- figure around $700. 


Exhaust, mandrel bent, custom shop, you can figure around $1200 and beyond. 



8 hours ago, Limeyjeeper said:


The small stuff will nickel and dime you to death.


You can figure another $2K worth of nickles and dimes......universal. 


Starter, cables, battery, hoses and clamps, wiring, loom, solder, connectors, master and slave, clutch, fluids, and on and on...........


And if you are going to put 400hp/tq and beyond to the wheels.........brakes. 


Etc, etc, etc.............

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10 hours ago, Drahcir495 said:

Any good write ups on this that you could direct me too? 


14 years ago, when I was building rifles, we could build an AK47/74 for sub $200, those days are forever gone. 


Same applies here, the days of $400 MJs and donors and cheap Trail Trash are about to, if not already, end, forever. 



What's my point? Jeep Culture. 


There are few, very few, MJ owners who have taken their trucks to the next level. 

When they come here, virtually any Jeep site, and state that I've done X, and the responses are- "I'd never pay for that!" or "I didn't pay that much for my entire truck", well, when you do that to guys.......you clam them up, they stay quiet. 


The XJ/MJ culture will change over time. The MJ you could buy for $2K ten years ago will now cost you $6K. Guys with the wherewithal to build expensive trucks will. 


One of my favorite phrases- Never ask a question you don't already know the answer to. 


Let's pretend for a moment, Muscle Car group/site, 69 Camaro, full Brembo brakes, custom wheels and tires to accommodate Brembos, upwards of $10K. No one is going to ask how much because everyone already knows how much, these are cars upwards and beyond $100K.


I may spring for a Wilwood master, if so I'll have about $2500 in my brakes. I really want the 15" rotors with six-pots in the front and to move the fronts to the rear......add another $2K. And $2500 for 18" wheels/tires to accommodate, which I already have. 


None of this S--- it cheap, none of it. 


And if you want guys to be more informative about costs, efforts, ideas, desires......etc..........you guys need to be more accepting and less critical. 



I'm looking at a couple of blocks next week, Vortec, old-skool,  I know what I want and I'm not going the LS route. That said, I'll likely, well, I will, have more invested than $8K. The transmission I want behind it is $6K. 

No crate engines, I want to build my own, good blocks are getting harder to find now, been looking. 



I may be poor but I'm determined. 







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Limeyjeeper is correct on all the aspects. I'm in the middle of an ls swap as well. I still have the engine on a stand and I am still gathering parts. I am trying to keep this sub 5k. He is definitely going the correct professional way, I am going the junkyard just get it running way...we shall see how it pans out for me.  I wanted an all aluminum block so I paid more than your iron block ls. Expect to pay about 600 for a lowish mileage junkyard one. I got 2 used transmissions for 300.  But I'm staying 2wd so I save alot on transfer case and driveshafts. 

My list is absolutely no where near done but this is a bulk of the big stuff.  


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