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I've owned jeeps my whole life (Currently 40yrs). I've had CJ's, XY's, YJ's, TJ's, I own a JK now but have always wanted a Comanche. When I was 16yrs old a friend owned one and

I've wanted  one since. My wife passed around two years ago which sped up completing my "bucket list" items. I've dreamed of going to Moab, UT from a very young age, this is my current bucket list item. I found a MJ locally for a reasonable price with a few goodies already included. I hope to build this project over the next year and a half, four wheeling on the way ending up in Moab at some point in 2020. It has the factory dana 30 & 35 axles but I've already purchased a wagoneer dana 44 and ford 8.8 to replace the weaker axles, prob regear to 4.88 with selectable lockers.. Thinking stockish width, 35-37" tires with a long arm suspension in the front and possibly a 231 doubler or rubicon transfercase. I'm leaving the trans and engine stock for reliability.  




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I've pulled the front and rear bumpers to be replaced with JCR units. I have a set of dirt bound offroad rock sliders in my shop as well as their protection panels for the bed. Excuse the mess, I sold our home and bought another. Still organizing from the move.




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I bought it early in 2018 and have drove it 8hrs since buying, hour at a time to see how reliable it is. I was surprised! for an 88 with 180K it runs and drives great!

It did have a leak in the cooling system. I decided to switch to an open cooling system for simplicity and change to the new 97+ front clip at the same time.






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Purchased a Truss kit for both axles from Barnes 4wd 


Once they arrive I'll start on the 8.8 and get it installed SOA (Spring Over Axle). I'm hoping once it's

spring over I won't have to add additional lift for 35" tires.




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Started having intermittent problems with no starts (turn over but not crank). Noticed it during heavy rain after replacing the radiator and front end. I replaced the ignition module, coil, distributor cap, distributor rotor and CPS. It was the CPS but now I’m having issues with it cranking then shutting off in 2-3sec. Any ideas?


CPS 1.....Me 0

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