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  1. Totally dig the build so far Comanche SS. Question for you. What does your lift consist of?
  2. Congrats on the paint job. That is looking really sharp.
  3. Very Nice. I like your plan as well. Should be awesome when you are done.
  4. I think you can swap out the speedo odometer part? Not 100% sure but I will be looking into it this weekend as I'm not sure the trip function is working on this unit.
  5. Picked up some stuff from the junkyard after work yesterday. Instrument panel w/ tach, dash trim (I may mess around with the switches and stuff so having a spare will be handy), glove conpartment lock, and clip for the sun visor. Color is not right, but I think I can fix that later.
  6. More pictures and shift knob (M10x1.5) came in. Shift lever needs a little paint along with the locking nut, but that will have to wait till warmer months (which is why I chose white. I had a black one on a previous car and it got super toasty in the sun). Shifter console got cleaned up as well may end up coloring that black or grey to eventually go with the floors.!
  7. Excellent work. What did you do on the floors? It looks like vinyl.
  8. Thanks RangerDB. I will definitely check that out. I had my first part show up which was the shift boot that goes on top of the transmission. I haven't had time to install but it looks like it is going to work. Gotta pull the shifter out and get some new bolts as at least one is missing. I ended up getting this boot Crown Automotive J8134064 Interior Shifter Boot on Amazon. I will try to take some pictures once I get it installed. I also ordered a new shift knob (White Delrin 50mm Ball with M10x1.5 threads), and a shifter boot for T4/T5 for sealing the cab. I will post how those work as well. I had a little time to cut some of the carpet out. I knew there was going to be rust and it looks worse than it is. I only found one hole all the way through which is on the passenger side. I think my plan for now is to grind as much of this off as I can and assess again. If it is not traveling up the sides then I will be happy to POR15 it and then some bedliner. I want durable and easy to clean so carpet is not going back in. I was planning on cleaning up underneath and spraying rubber. Am I just asking for a ton of noise? The PO had used some nasty air freshers that permeated everything. I have purchased cars from smokers before and had good luck with a vacuum then ground coffee left in the car in an open container. This seems to be working again in the truck. I can't recommend it to those that don't like coffee though.
  9. Keep up the good work! I just picked up the twin to your truck. Let me know how the 3.54's go. I found a local 4.56 and am planning on eventually going to 33's as well so I may just deal it as this will only be going around town for now.
  10. Thanks for the info JMO413 and Fryedaddy. This website is super helpful and it is all I have been reading since Monday. I have a lot to do, but I always look for an upgrade as opposed to a simple patch job. Sometimes it is cheaper and smarter to just fix it, but I want to keep this truck around for a long time. I ended up getting the shifter pulled apart and I have ordered the first boot that goes on the actual transmission as well as a round blank shift knob. Hopefully those two fit and work!
  11. Keep up the good work!! Love where you have that exhaust exiting.
  12. Got off work a little early to take a look at it a little more. More stuff to fix on my list. Clutch master cylinder is leaking. That leak is probably killing the fuse panel. Small hole in the floor on passenger side. I'm considering pulling the carpets fixing the floors up and just rolling bedliner for the flooring. Not sure if that will be way too loud or not, but I'm looking for durable fixes. Drivers door almost looks like it needs to be bent back in towards the cab. I need to redo the seal on the door either way as the bottom is ripped. I need to look up how much the doors cost from the 97 on, because I feel it may be worth it in the long run. Got the shifter pulled apart so now I jjust need to figure out the thread pitch and order a knob and shift boots and that will be gtg. Idle is not super smooth so and there is oil everywhere. Not sure how I want to attack that yet. I guess start from the top down and make sure things are sealed and not leaking. ON a hugely positive note. the AC works quite well which is pretty awesome!! Time to start ordering some parts. Ohh and the PO said there was an extra valve cover behind the seat. Looked today and there was one... for a 4 cylinder.
  13. New here. Last night I picked up an '88 Comanche 2WD 4.0L with almost 200,000 miles on it. I think it was a decent deal at $1700. Needs a lot of TLC and hopefully nothing to major. Paint is pretty much gone, but little to no rust. There is some surface rust on the top of the cab. This is Jeep #2.5 for me. I had a 2002 Grand Cherokee limited 4.7HO (pictures are somewhere of that) 2" blocks and 265/65/17's I think. I also had a Jeep Patriot for less than a year that I put spacers and larger tires on (huge hunk of crap vehicle). After the first drive home here is my current work list in no particular order. 1. Transmission shift boots (got a nice cool breeze through the transmission tunnel so probably all of them) 2. Instruments are working but no lights. 3. Parking brake handle is gone and cable is missing. 4. Transmission knob comes off (thinking about just tapping the end of it and getting a blank screw on knob. 5. Lots of play in the steering so need to get under it and check all the linkages. Hopefully not a steering box. 6. Sometime in its life someone decided to rivet door handles to the bed and back of the cab. (Thinking about drilling them out and JB welding the holes shut, but I'm open to and better options to seal and prevent rust. 7. Oil leak from valve cover (I know this one is shocking to everyone here) 8. Front end drivers side turn signal lights are busted. 9. Drivers door window seals are gone. and the top of the door is probably not water proof. I'm sure there is more and I will try to update as I find and fix things. Ultimately I want to do a mild build on this with maybe 31-32s, but for now it is just maintenance. Thanks for all the information you all are compiling on this site.
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