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Jeremy's Radio Emporium: Old Radios for the Modern Era

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Hello, and welcome to my humble corner of the internet. I run Jeremy's Radio Emporium. In a nutshell, I fuse new technology with old school looks. I modify factory Jeep radios with features such as AUX inputs and colored LED lighting. In addition, I also repair radios and supply parts.


My operation is completely unique, and I am the only person to support the original radios for our trucks in any meaningful way. 


Who are you?

I'm nobody special. In my free time I mess around with Jeeps and electronics, among other things. I enjoy messing with old technology, and doing things other people say aren't possible.


Why should I spend money on an old radio like these, when new aftermarket radios are so cheap?

Do you care about an original, sedate look? Do you want your truck's radio to be invisible to thieves? Other than for security reasons, many Jeep owners do not like the garish, ultramodern look of most aftermarket radios and want something a little more sedate. However, most of us want to listen to something other than FM radio or cassette tapes from time to time. With my services, you can have your cake and eat it too! In addition, you can be sure that your radio has been serviced properly in a clean, up-to-date facility by someone who knows these units inside and out.


Will my 25 year old radio last a long time once I've bought it?

Absolutely. All radios that pass through my hands are thoroughly inspected, and repaired to full function. These radios were made with extremely high quality components, and are built like tanks. My modifications are made with parts of only the highest quality, and no detail is spared. In fact, I'm confident enough in the quality of my products that all come with a 30-day full warranty, as well as an additional five months of coverage on certain components. I put my name on every product that leaves my shop, and I do not take that lightly. I refuse to compromise quality in any way. It's perfectly reasonable to expect my products to last for the life of your vehicle.


I heard the factory radios suck!
Many customers who have purchased my radios have told me that my radios sound far better than the aftermarket radios that replace them. These radios are built to a considerably higher standard of quality than aftermarket units. The original manufacturers used top of the line components, and I'm no different. My parts lists include components from Molex, TE Connectivity, Neutrik, and other industry leaders.


Do you sell "do-it-yourself" kits?

I sell a DIY Auxiliary Input Kit for the RX-171, RX-172, and RX-173 Jeep cassette decks, the AUX-C1. Other than that, I do not sell any other DIY kits.


Will you take a trade-in?

I will give credit for trade-ins of Jeep or AMC factory radios at my discretion. I will not give any credit for an aftermarket radio.


When should I expect to have my radio in my hands?

Unfortunately, I suffered a large number of setbacks (professionally and medically) that required me to suspend new orders for months in 2019 and 2020. While I am now open for business, I am open for business with a long waiting list. I cannot say for certain how long a new order will take to complete at this time.


How do I place an order?

- Use the "Contact" form on the website.

- If you're a member on Comanche Club, send me a private message through the forum PM system.

- E-mail me at the address listed on the website and on this page.

- Message the Jeremy's Radio Emporium Facebook page. A link to it is in my signature, and on the front page of the website.




Radio Head Units

The Chrysler-Era Enhanced Radio

Featuring the first auxiliary input to ever be offered for sale on a factory Jeep radio, the Enhanced Radio is the product that started it all. The Enhanced Radio is available in AM-FM and AM-FM-Cassette flavors, depending on your specific needs.


These radios come with a comprehensive maintenance already performed, including reflow of solder joints where necessary, cleaning of tone and volume controls, and all-new incandescent illumination for the button panel and LCD. The front panel is guaranteed free of any major defects, including wear to the buttons. In addition, cassette decks come with fully serviced and aligned cassette decks.


AM-FM radios include a 1-year full warranty on all functions of the deck. In addition, AM-FM-Cassette radios will also carry a 30-day full warranty on function of the cassette section.


AM-FM: $115 plus shipping, plus options
AM-FM-Cassette: $150 plus shipping, plus options.


AD-C1 Adapter - to install a Chrysler-era radio in a 1986 or 1987 Jeep or AMC vehicle with intact factory radio wiring: $25. Please specify whether you would like the LCD backlight to be always on or only on with the headlights on.

Auxiliary Input - standard rear-mounted 3.5mm stereo jack for connection to a phone, tablet, MP3 player, or wireless receiver (typically replaces AM functionality): $35

Color LED Illumination - high-output LED button panel lighting in your choice of blue, white, amber, green, or red (typically non-dimmable): $25

Soft-Touch Button Backing - greatly improved button backing materials for a soft, but firm, button-pressing experience: $25


This pricing scheme does not apply to AMC-era radios due to their relative rarity and large number of variations. Orders for AMC-era radios will be priced on a case-by-case basis.


Members of Comanche Club with an account at least three months old receive a $15 discount on all orders including the purchase of an Enhanced Radio.




AD-A1 - Chrysler to AMC Harness Adapter

Install a 1986-1987 two-connector AMC radio in your 1988-1996 Jeep vehicle.



1988-1996 Jeep XJ Cherokee

1988-1992 Jeep MJ Comanche

1988-1991 Jeep SJ Grand Wagoneer

1988-1995 Jeep YJ Wrangler

1988-1992 Eagle Premier/Dodge Monaco


Got a 1988-1996 Jeep? Want to go old school with an AMC era radio? Introducing the AD-A1 adapter. Install a two-connector AMC era radio into your Chrysler-era vehicle without altering the factory plug. Supports 4 speaker channels and power antenna. Splice-free design for high strength. Genuine OEM connectors for a perfect fit. No extra work required, just plug and play. Wire and connector color may vary.

Price: $30 plus shipping alone, or $25 with the purchase or upgrade of any AMC-era radio. Not eligible for ComancheClub membership discount. Comes with warranty booklet.


AD-C1 - AMC to Jeep/Eagle Radio Harness Adapter

Install a 1988-1996 Jeep/Eagle radio in your 1986-1987 Jeep or AMC vehicle.



1986-1987 Jeep XJ Cherokee

1986-1987 Jeep MJ Comanche

1986-1987 Jeep SJ Grand Wagoneer

1987 Jeep YJ Wrangler

1986-1987 AMC Eagle

1986-1987 Renault Alliance/Encore/Fuego


Want to put an old radio in your slightly older Jeep? I've got you covered. Seamlessly install a newer Jeep radio into your Jeep or AMC vehicle without altering the original plugs. Supports 4 speaker channels and power antenna. Features the same splice-free design and high quality components as all other adapters. Wire and connector color may vary.

Price: $30 plus shipping, or $25 with the purchase or upgrade of any Enhanced Radio. Not eligible for ComancheClub membership discount. Comes with warranty booklet.







ComancheClub.com Membership - $15 off any order including an Enhanced Radio for all ComancheClub members with an account older than three months.


What's to Come?

RCA Pre-Amp Outputs

Mystery Future InnovationI have a surprise in store. I'm not tellin' yet.






Pretty Pictures:



AM-FM with Auxiliary Input and installed "XJ" mounting bracket




AM-FM-Cassette with Auxiliary Input and standard lighting



AM-FM with white LED Illumination.



RX-161 with Auxiliary Input. Note aux jack to left of radio.



AM-FM with blue LED illumination



Ditto, with amber LED illumination


Things I Will Pay You For:

Service manuals, 1985-1996 single DIN Jeep radios and radio parts at my discretion. I will not take your old aftermarket radio as a trade.


Full warranty text:

Initial Defect Warranty: Your radio carries a 30-day full warranty against initial defects in workmanship or function. If your radio is defective in any way during this period, it can be returned for repair at no cost (a prepaid shipping label will be provided), or a full refund. If a defect is found, intent to return for warranty repair or refund must be communicated to Jeremy’s Radio Emporium by the end of the 30-day warranty period. This warranty does not cover physical damage. This warranty lasts for 30 days following the delivery of the item to the buyer's address.


6-Month Limited Warranty: In addition to the above, the following components and functions are covered for five additional calendar months from the date of delivery:

-       Display and panel illumination

-       Tone and volume potentiometers

-       Auxiliary input

-       Amplifier chips

If a radio is returned for repair under the Limited Warranty and the problem is not covered by it, the customer has the option to have the radio returned or have the issue repaired for a discounted service price.


Technical Support: Your radio will be supported by Jeremy’s Radio Emporium as long as “Jeremy’s Radio Emporium” continues to exist. Service and shipping charges will apply for repairs after the expiration of the warranty period.


All items are professionally packed and will not be frustrating for you to remove from the box. I do not use packing peanuts, 17 layers of tape in random spots in the bubble wrap, or other infuriating packaging. Make sure to check your packaging for ancillary components such as wiring harnesses!


Subscribe to this thread for news on upcoming products, updates to warranty coverage and terms, and "behind the scenes" info!


Have a question? Come across this site from Google? I can also be reached at: jeremy at radio-emporium dot com.

Servicce Chart 11-17.jpg

Service Chart 6-18.JPG

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Got off my rear and created a real OP with some info on myself and my operation. Added an order form, and...   All limited warranties have been retroactively extended from one month to six m

Someone must be figuring out my secrets. Last night on my eBay feed I found a 56007214 with an aux jack that I definitely did not build.   There is room for only one in this market, and I wi

Posted Images

How long is the aux cord? Does it stick out of

the dash, or do you need an extension?


Are you building more? I'm very interested, but

hung up on another project right now...


The cord sticks out about 4" or so from the side of the radio. This one is meant to run behind the dash with an extension, but I can make them in a few different styles. I also make them with a 6ft long male cable so no extension is needed, but those are a pain if the radio needs to be taken out.


Yes, I'll be making more. I'll probably put one together every week or so depending on demand.

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Here's a pic of it in the 89 for testing with the lamps dimmed. The small specks in the LCD can be seen under the "1" and next to the "8". It sounded fantastic in the truck.



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Minuit does very good work on these radios. I'm running one of his radios in my truck and am completely satisfied with the appearance, the functions and the sound quality.

This is an unpaid, unsolicited testimonial by an actual Minuit Radio owner.

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I just bought some 2 door power switches from him. This guy is on it. They arrived just as described better actually. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from him in which I needed. I cannot believe how quick he is. My work schedule now makes it hard to get items shipped to people because i can't get there. THANK YOU!

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Got a question. 1992 stock head unit (can get the numbers off it later) and wanted to get an AUX system put into it. Using something like below I shouldn't have a problem using hands free. My question is like an FM transmitter is there static/feedback on the aux attachment?


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Not if the radio is set up correctly. In the old days of cutting up a pair of earphones and wrapping the wires around the 371/471 pins, there was some static the amount depending on the model. In some cases, you have to sacrifice AM reception, but the radios I set up have no background noise or static whatsoever.


Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk

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Not if the radio is set up correctly. In the old days of cutting up a pair of earphones and wrapping the wires around the 371/471 pins, there was some static the amount depending on the model. In some cases, you have to sacrifice AM reception, but the radios I set up have no background noise or static whatsoever.


Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk

Awesome I'll send you a message later with my stereo info. Don't care about AM just being able to talk over Bluetooth since its a 30 day suspension on military bases now. That and talking on a cell with a manual is a pain.

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I've built the 36001568 with a female aux input. Someone grab it before I decide to keep it!

Which radio is this one again? Got any pics of it? I'm interested.



PM sent.

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Welcome to the Vendors forum, thread! I asked for this thread to be moved so that I wouldn't be constantly covering up someone's For Sale ad with my updates about my fledgling little radio business. I won't be bumping this thread when I add a radio up for sale - I'll just keep the OP current.


I took a week off from working on radios (illness), but I'm back now. I just finished a 7519 AM-FM radio for a CC customer. In the coming weeks I plan on building a prototype radio with RCA pre-amp outputs. In my head for the moment these will be 2-channel only - the only real consequence should be that the fader won't do anything. If all goes well expect these to roll out by late July. I would like to try these out with setups other than mine, so if you have an amp in your vehicle and would be interested in trying out a prototype, let me know.


I'll also be experimenting with some custom modifications - LEDs and maybe Bluetooth are on the list. I might also play around with changing the color of the LCD display.


I have added aux input to a total of 3 AM-FM radios, and the customer who has installed theirs gave a glowing report. I'll be adding the basic DIY procedure to the writeup that accompanies this thread as well as some pics of my own work.

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  • Minuit changed the title to Jeremy's Radio Emporium: Old Radios for the Modern Era

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