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What Minuit knows about stock Jeep radios

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Post everything you have, please.  Who knows when that info may be valuable to somebody. 

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Alright, I'll post what I have. I don't have this info for all models and some is incomplete. The source is typically the original service manual for the radios.


Tuner Sensitivity, lower is better. Unit: dB µV

RX-170: 10

RX-161: 10

RX-135: 10

RX-141: 10

3238861: 14 AM / 15 FM


Signal-Noise Ratio, higher is better. Unit: dB

RX-170: 50 AM, 60 FM, 46 Tape

RX-161: 45 AM, 50 FM, 46 Tape

RX-135: 45 AM, 50 FM, 46 Tape

RX-141: 45 AM, 50 FM, 46 Tape

3238861: 52 AM, 54 FM, 44 Tape


Stereo Separation, higher is better. Unit: dB

RX-170: 35 FM, 40 Tape

RX-161: 30 FM, 40 Tape

RX-135: 30 FM, 40 Tape

RX-141: 30 FM, 40 Tape

3238861: 30 FM, 40 Tape


Weight, lb

RX-170: 4.6 lb

RX-161: 4.4 lb

RX-135: 4 lb

RX-141: 4.4 lb

3238861: 4.8 lb (jesus)


Cassette Rewind/FF Time (60 minute tape)

RX-170: 90 sec.

RX-161:  75 sec.

RX-135: 100 sec.

RX-141: 75 sec.

3238861: 75 sec.


Cassette Wow and Flutter: 0.2% for all


Cassette Cross-Talk: 44 dB for all


Cassette Frequency Response: 50Hz to 12kHz for all



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On the topic of weird stuff...


These show up fairly rarely on here, usually accompanied by the amplifier module and the sentence "what the hell is this?"


Answer: Mitsubishi designation CZ-150, it's half of the highest-level audio system in the 1988-1992 Eagle Premier. And now I have one.


So what is it really? It's an AM-FM tuner, preamplifier, and cassette player. The radio tuner has some functions over the standard models such as National Semiconductor's DNR, the same noise reduction system used in the AMC RX-135. It also has scanning functionality as well as Dolby for the tape deck (which is exactly the same module used in the RX-170)


Since it's not designed to work on its own, it doesn't even have the ability to control the volume by itself. All of the other functions, including volume, balance/fade, and equalization are handled by a second DIN-sized amplifier/equalizer unit. I don't have one right now, but I may be getting one in the future to play with.


More importantly, it's exactly the same size and shape as the regular XJ and MJ radios. Here it is with an XJ bracket on it to prove it.



Even better, I have the service manual!


It's very thick, much thicker than any other radio service manual I've ever had. Much like the mainstream Jeep units, these were unusually well-built and fairly sophisticated for a car audio deck of their time. There are a lot of things going on in this unit, and a lot of parts inside. I'll make a scanned version of this service manual available freely at some point in the future.


So what am I going to do with it? Fix it if it needs fixing, and put it in my truck of course. And I plan to document the entire process. I have a basic plan formulated in my head, but it'll take a while to put the pieces together in practice.

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It works!


The DIN cable leads to a header on one of the circuit boards. The service manual has a pinout for this header, and so it's a relatively easy job to backprobe the connector to apply power for testing purposes. It runs on a standard 12V supply from the amplifier module and draws around 0.5A at idle.


As a side note, it uses the same display and many other components as the RX-170, which in my opinion is one of the best radios of the entire 1984-1996 era. If you shine a light into the RX-170 (and maybe the later displays too) you can see the segment for the DNR function, which is used only on this model.

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