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  1. I'm still lQQking for a tranny for the truck,and doing some body work on my XJ.Getting ready to steal some parts from the Grand Cherokee for the XJ. Its been kind of nice here,and good weather to do body work. AKA no rain knock on wood.Getting ready to gut the XJ to put a cage in,and saving any,and all Interior parts for the MJ. Buckets,headliner,and any other parts I can use.I have a pile of parts from the XJ ,and some new parts for the truck.I might have a couple of weeks off next month,and planning to start some of the work on the truck.should have some updates soon Pete.In stealing the front fender off of the MJ I also raised the flares,and put it on the XJ. Turns out its giving me a run for my money.It was really wavy,and the truck had been hit in the front.Raising the flares I cut alot of it out.Now the only body work to be done on the truck is the bed,and thats a plus.I wish I could say the same for the XJ. Poor body work on both doors,one rocker,and the roof plus the fender I swaped off the truck. Thank God for air tools,and a MIG welder. LOL
  2. Anyone know were these panels or fenders came from.Or what they cost?
  3. I have seen them relocated to the rear of the drivers side rear fender,but I'm like you I don't see anything. I would also like to know were you got the fenders/panels,and how much were they? I've been thinking about doing this,but in steel. It's alot of fab work though,and time consuming.
  4. Fabreze works good,but Ozium works better.You can get it at any auto parts store.I also found out that the tough stuff works great on cloth seats.To clean them,and loose the smell of just about anything.I also have to agree with Keyav8r your headliner,and the carpet will hold the smell.I found that if I use the tough stuff on the carpets,and seats,(don't forget),door panel's have carpet.Then spray seats,headliner even the visor's with the Ozium works the best.I also always use the sented Armorall,(new car,or fresh sent)wipes on the dash,door panels,and seat's everywere that's not cloth.Those two seem to work the best with the Ozium to me.I noticed that the Ozium also comes in a new car sent now,but always used the original.I have also heard of people using the new Bombs they have out,they look like a smaller version of a bug bomb,( Turtle wax,and Ozium ) both make them.I have heard that others do make them,but never seen them.People swear by these things,but I'm not to sure.I always thought that the 15 or 20 minutes I spent cleaning things before I sprayed it worked better. My friend's and I did way to much parting when we got out of high school.Friday nights,and our cars were the most important things in life back then.I can say first hand Ozium works been using it since 1978.To this day every car I sell gets a good clean,and a spray to get out any bad smell's.
  5. Thanks for the help guys.I have a cold air intake It's the first thing I did to all my Jeep's.I have all the parts to upgrade the motor,but this one is fresh an runs great.I need to check the rear end's like Pete suggested.Someone has done some work on them,but not sure what the gearing is.The rear has a leak at the rubber plug so that has to be addressed.I was thinking about up grading to 4 wheel disk's since I have the parts.I'm sure I will know more about the gears when I start digging around in there.Thanks again for the help,and now I have some idea's to work with.
  6. Minuit you interested in any of the double den units? I think I have two AM/FM,cass./CD players out of my 97 Grand Cherokee's. I'll have to check for sure I have one,and I think I saved the 2nd one.One is from my gold system ,and has the hook up's for the AMP trigger. Not sure if either work,but There free if you pay shipping.Let me know,and I'll dig them out for you.
  7. Even the best plans go to chit when the weather changes.I really need to empty out some of my garage.I started working on my flares,and out of the blue it just started raining.Not the best weather to be painting in.Or working under the hood.Maybe one of the next 3 days will be better.I really wanted to do a write up on the headlight up grade's,and show off the duel battery's.
  8. 89 MJ I really have a fresh motor so not interested in boring,and stroking it for now. Supercharging it goes against my,(religion) not allowed in offroad racing unless stock equipped most cases. I also have an HO 4.0 sitting in the wings should I need it. Pete I haven't had a chance to read the tags,and or check yet.I would guess they are a normal range,because it gets great gas mileage for a 30 year old truck.Yet low enough to pull stumps in first gear,2wd. I haven't had to use 4 low in a year,after replacing the tires,(31 x10.5's on it now).
  9. I'd like alittle more power from my 4.0.I was thinking about a larger throttle body.I saw were Meanlemon's has bored throttle body's for sale. I was also looking into the spacers they sell.Anyone use either or have suggestions on whats better. I know we used to use the spacers a lot,but they didn't help much on the top end or didn't seem to help much. When fly'n through the desert sometimes its hard to tell. It really seemed to help the 2.5,but any gain in HP would have helped there.On the 4.0's I really didn't notice much of a gain.I did notice that different injectors made a big difference on the power band's. Any Idea's ?
  10. Yeah Pete I haven't made my mind up on a color yet,but the red is looking pretty good at the moment.Its pretty easy to get around here.Plus everyone around here is used to seeing my red XJ. So there might be a change in plans. OOP's that means repainting the front bumper,and the rack out back too.I am leaving the Int. grey so I can steal more parts from the XJ though.Anyone have the drivers side kick panel in gray? I may have a way around that too.
  11. Got a face lift for the drivers side of my truck yesterday. Robbed the drivers side front fender,and front end from my XJ .I'm try'n to cut back on body work because the passenger side of my bed is hammered.The Cherokee emblems need to go yet,and replacing the flare is on today's to do list.Along with updated head light harness,and stealing the duel battery's out of the XJ. I took most of the parts out yesterday when I had the XJ apart,and managed to hammer out the old fender before putting it on the XJ.
  12. I like it better than that neon green everyone is using.It just needs alittle something to break it up.That's alot of blue I'd keep it.
  13. If I could I would probably replace it with the pergresive Holly 2brl. More parts,jets,Can be adapted to almost anything,and easy to work on.Unless you want to keep it all stock. Ford has used them on tons of cars,and small trucks over the years.We even adapted them to VW's. I bet they even sell an adapter for the V6's. Just an idea I thought I would throw out there.
  14. Sure that would be cool.I don't have a Kentucky plate yet.
  15. I still have several Oklahoma plates that need a home up for trade,and an extra Montana plate I got today.Anyone need one of these?
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