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  1. Took a few pics today on a cruise up NV HWY 341. If you ever find yourself in northern Nevada I suggest taking the trip up to Virginia city. Beautiful city and amazing drive.
  2. They are definitely the same in the front. I’m not positive but I’m not sure the Comanche came with a rear sway stock. Maybe it was an option? I know the 3 I’ve had haven’t had one.
  3. Yeah that’s where I ordered mine too. I tried ordering them about 5 months ago and waited 12 weeks before they refunded my money and told me they were back ordered. Interesting... I wonder if they thought the MJ is different or have different part numbers... oh well good for you!!
  4. Very clean xj. Where did you source the addcco sway bar? I tried to order one and they told me it was on a permanent back order.
  5. I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to this. My initial concern would be cost. I know that most of the diy kits run around $1000-$2000. That originally scared me off but having a completely customizable starting point might be a better option. I will look into this a bit more.
  6. Also a little teaser pic from the other day.
  7. I have been super busy over the last few months but I’m looking into something that could, if doable, really turn this truck into something fun. I originally set out to build a truck that would be unique and push my own building abilities. What I’m proposing is using a crown Vic front independent suspension and installing it onto the stock unibody. This would require widening the unibody in the wheel wells so that it could be bolted in. If your familiar with the crown Vic front end you would understand what I mean. This is done on 70s f150s pretty commonly now. I was was able to source a 2001 Cherokee that is 2wd to experiment on. I will hopefully be able to start on this in the coming weeks and will post along the way. Any thoughts apart from the traditional “but why” comments?
  8. Thank you. Hopefully I get some ambition here in the near future and I can lower it another 2 inch front and back. That will take some extensive modification though. Notching the front axle beam and in the rear it needs 4 link and coilovers. Hopefully in the next few months.
  9. If I can find a roll pan that would fit with minimal work then I’ll do that. As it is now though I kind of like the no bumper look.
  10. Here are some pics of the (almost finished) product.
  11. Been a few weeks but finally made some progress. Got it most of the way put back together. I just have to finish up some interior stuff and sand some but it should be cruising this upcoming week.
  12. Got my 97+ front end mounted today. hoping to have time to wet sand it this Friday and post some more pics.
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