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  1. that's a great question. The previous owner (original owner) didn't mention ever adding them and he was very proud of the fact that it hadn't been messed with. So to answer your question... I'm not sure, but I like the size of these.
  2. Along the way I built a few other jeeps.
  3. I decided that I wanted to build my own bumpers for the truck. I wanted to make something that was subtle but still fit the body and flares.
  4. Found a very nice fitting aftermarket roll bar for the truck on craigslist. Not sure of the brand but the fitment was really good. We got blessed with a decent snowfall overnight and had to take the truck out for a bit.
  5. Went out for a drive with my buddy Nate in the Nevada desert.
  6. A few pictures of the truck after the lift and tires.
  7. I still have them in my storage shed. One day they will find their way onto the right truck.
  8. Quickly after purchase a few parts came in in order to improve the look a little. Nothing too extreme but enough to make it cool. 4 inch zone off-road lift. 31 inch kumho m/t tires.
  9. Welcome to my 92 Eliminator build. I Bought this truck in November of 2017 from the original owner who was a lawyer in Grass Valley CA. Bone stock with 133000 miles on it. This truck was used to drive the previous owner to his vacation home in Tahoe City CA. The Leer topper was installed in 1993 and not removed until it came home with me. First thing I did was remove the tow mounts from the front and take the top off so that it would look like a Comanche and not a Cherokee!
  10. trick34


    I appreciate you providing this information for everyone. It's really cool to see the build specs.
  11. trick34


    thank you very much!
  12. trick34


    - 1992 Jeep Comanche Eliminator - 4.0 HO / AX-15 / NP231 / D30 / D35 / SWB - Build Date: 10/14/1991 - Located in Dayton, NV - Survivor / 2 owner / Original Paint - Colorado Red / Gray Cloth Bucket Seats / Cruise Control / AC / Sliding Rear Window - Currently owned by myself
  13. Awesome clean truck! I really appreciate your kind words. Send me a DM and we can talk.
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