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What Minuit knows about stock Jeep radios

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Alright, I'll post what I have. I don't have this info for all models and some is incomplete. The source is typically the original service manual for the radios.


Tuner Sensitivity, lower is better. Unit: dB µV

RX-170: 10

RX-161: 10

RX-135: 10

RX-141: 10

3238861: 14 AM / 15 FM


Signal-Noise Ratio, higher is better. Unit: dB

RX-170: 50 AM, 60 FM, 46 Tape

RX-161: 45 AM, 50 FM, 46 Tape

RX-135: 45 AM, 50 FM, 46 Tape

RX-141: 45 AM, 50 FM, 46 Tape

3238861: 52 AM, 54 FM, 44 Tape


Stereo Separation, higher is better. Unit: dB

RX-170: 35 FM, 40 Tape

RX-161: 30 FM, 40 Tape

RX-135: 30 FM, 40 Tape

RX-141: 30 FM, 40 Tape

3238861: 30 FM, 40 Tape


Weight, lb

RX-170: 4.6 lb

RX-161: 4.4 lb

RX-135: 4 lb

RX-141: 4.4 lb

3238861: 4.8 lb (jesus)


Cassette Rewind/FF Time (60 minute tape)

RX-170: 90 sec.

RX-161:  75 sec.

RX-135: 100 sec.

RX-141: 75 sec.

3238861: 75 sec.


Cassette Wow and Flutter: 0.2% for all


Cassette Cross-Talk: 44 dB for all


Cassette Frequency Response: 50Hz to 12kHz for all



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