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fuel injectors

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I'm sure this has already been answered.


But I'm looking to upgrade the fuel injectors on my 1990 4.0l renix. 


I would like to know what injectors people have upgraded to and the best bang for my buck. Also keep in mind i'm in CA so nothing that would make me run to rich cause of smog.


Thought it would be best to upgrade the injectors because I have the intake and exhaust manifold off to weld a crack on the header.


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Volvo 746 injectors are best for Renix engines.





0 280 255 746


I got mine from a fellow member on Cherokee Forum. Programbo


^^^^  This. Good guy to work with.



^^^^^^^^ This also. He is really cheap and will clean then injectors for you. ultrasonic and back flush cleaning. Usually around $80 for 6-8. (He sends extras). I bought 8 dirty injectors for $50 because I can clean them myself.

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