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  1. Hi !

    There's no pictures anymore on this topic :


    Is it possible for you to update this or send it to me ?
    I really need this 'cause I've got troubles with my NP231 linkage!


    Thanks in advance !

  2. That is a caged needle bearing (yes it's steel). It supports the inboard end of the stub shaft. The bearing is a SCE 108 and the inner seal is a SKF 15843 (or comparable)
  3. Hey I need to do some PM on my 88 Comanche Chief 4.0L 5 speed Peugeot. Dana 30 Axle with Central Axle Disconnect. Is there a opinion on the best Crank Position Sensor? Airtex/Wells? Standard Motor Products? Dorman?...Other? Also, I need to fix a oil leak on the right front axle. I believe the needle bearing on the spindle shaft has failed, and has caused the inner seal to fail. This is on the Central Axle Disconnect system. Anyone have the part numbers for the bearing and seal? Will a Timekin SBK-1 Bearing/Seal kit fit this truck? Also, does anyone make a kit th
  4. This is a picture of the NP231 shifter that I made for my 88 Comanche Chief. I've had in in the truck for over a year and haven't had any problems. Works perfectly . I've got detailed sketches if anyone is interested in building one. Some welding is required. Most of the parts are from the original shifter......with modification
  5. Me too. I just installed a new thermostat on my 88 Comanche 4.0L the other day, and that is exactly what I did. I didn't have any problem at all burping the system. On the 80's models 4.0 engines, the closed loop cooling system with the pressurized expansion tank can be a real pain in the a** when trying to get air out of the cooling system. This simple modification helps a lot.
  6. My 88 Comanche Chief 4.0L has 133K miles and is on it's third BA10/5. I've never driven this truck hard and have always maintained the gear oil. The first transmission to break was when the truck had about 90K miles. The symptom was a "click, click, click,click" when my wife started the truck and drove it down my driveway. I knew that the noise was internal to the transmission so I pulled it and took it apart for inspection. Some how, or for some reason, one of the first gear teeth on the main cluster was broken off. The inside of the transmission looked pristine. I priced a n
  7. That's a good idea, I'll give it a try. I'm also gonna inspect the Harmonic Balancer. The only problem is that I have to remove the steel belly pan on my 88 Comanche Chief to see it.
  8. I recently replaced the serpentine belt on my 88 Comanche Chief 4.0L. I got a really good deal on a Goodyear Gator Back belt, and my old one was looking bad. Since then, I have had a problem with the belt squealing at all engine speeds. I have tightened it to what I consider excessive tightness and it still sings like a bird. I determined that the noise is coming from the water pump pulley which is driven by the back of the belt in this application. I replaced my engine thermostat yesterday (from 180 to 195 degrees F) and loosened the belt to have easy access to the bottom thermosta
  9. I've experienced "Death Wobble" a few times in my 88 Comanche Chief, and I know what it is like. Almost a life changing experience. It reared it's ugly head one time when I was on the freeway pulling a trailer with a yard tractor on it. 60 mph in the right lane on a long sweeping curve to the left....this with a transfer truck immediately on my left. One bump in the pavement and away it went. I thought I was a goner for sure. Luckily, there was a right side safety lane and I was able to coax the truck over into the lane and slow down until it stopped.. It's scary as he** if you'r
  10. Could it be the dreaded "Death Wobble"? You need to read about it. Search this forum.
  11. They are readily available aftermarket from various sources. Google... Fuel Line Repair Kit 83502745
  12. My 88 Comanche with the D30 Dana front transaxle w/axle disconnect...has developed what I first assumed to be a wheel bearing noise. It's very noticeable when I turn the truck to the left and quiets down when I turn to the right. Otherwise, I hear a sound like a failed bearing all the time. It's not loud when I'm steering straight, but it's definitely still there. The noise is like a tire is going flat. I pulled both front hubs and checked the bearings. Both bearings are still snug and turn smoothly, and I don't believe that's the trouble. When I pulled the right front hub, the ax
  13. The way that you describe it, it sounds like a explosion inside the oil sump. The only thing that would cause that would be gasoline in the oil . I'm just speculating because I'm not saying that's what happened or that I've ever seen it. It also could have been a backfire in the muffler, so I would check the exhaust system too. If the distributor housing is truly broken and not just the cap, something went wrong in a big way. Just curious....Have you looked under the engine to see if the oil pan is still intact?
  14. Bosch 9454555 Fuel Injectors Volvo Part # 0 280 155 746 Plug and play...no modifications required.
  15. Well, I finally checked my coolant temperature. I'd been driving the truck for about 20 miles and the engine was fully warmed up. Gage showed around 110 degrees. Coolant temperature with the engine running and coolant flowing thru the plastic resevoir...180 degrees. So I have a operational 180 degree thermostat in the engine. I checked the temp. sender and it was defective. Question. Will the Renix System run in closed loop at 180 degrees engine temperature or do I need to increase the temp to 195 degrees? The engine runs very well right now. Is there a way to check if the computer
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