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  1. Swapping a 242 TC in is no big deal, especially since you're doing the rest of the work... IMHO, coming from someone with a 5.9L ZJ, it would be an amazing build, but you're not gaining anything with the swap for the most part. More power/torque,...but why is that needed?
  2. I'll have to check my seat in the garage and see if it's there...
  3. Price is just a number thrown out. Open to any offers...cash or trade.
  4. If you're wanting to make a cash offer, feel free to. Worst thing I can do is say no. I'm wanting to trade kind of, but I have a second Jeep to drive, so if a good cash offer comes along I will take it.
  5. For more info, check the build thread, but here is the CL. Looking to trade for something that I can drive everyday...open to just about anything. http://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/4799742595.html
  6. Make sure you click "Quote" instead of "MultiQuote"
  7. Few flakes here, but nothing like that. I'm waiting though!
  8. http://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/4696949699.html only thing close on louisville cl
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