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Pioneer is supposedly one step up from base model, but mine came with the 4.0, automatic transmission, 4wd, full gauges, bucket seats, fog lights, rear slider window, vent windows that open, 10 spoke aluminum (turbine) rims, hockey stick arm rests, map pockets, chrome bumpers, chrome grill and chrome adjustable breakaway mirrors. I'm pretty sure some of these options would have had to have been ordered separately.


My other Comanche was bare: 4 cylinder, 4 speed stick, 2wd, steel wheels, radio delete, no cigarette lighter, no dash clock, single piece rear window, vent windows that don't open, bench seat, black bumpers, black grill.


Both are 1987, serial numbers are only 11 apart. Still thinking the 10 in between would statistically have been Cherokees.

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My understanding, please correct if wrong. This isn't completely correct as a lot of trucks have options that didn't come with a trim package (ex. base model with 4.0)


Custom/X/XLS: 1986 only. All longbeds, in order of fanciness. 2.5 or 2.8, both gutless, the 2.8 is bad in every way possible.


Base 86-92: Exactly what it says on the tin. No frills, some thrills. Usually 2WD with a stick. 2.5 is standard, 4.0 could be optioned in after 87.


SporTruck 87-92: One step up from base. Most had 2.5/stick and 2WD. Some ( :yes:) came with the 4.0. Changed to the squiggly lines in 1991, which is a pretty rare style. 87-90 is probably the second most common MJ model.


Eliminator 88-92: The 'street' package with most comfort options. Came with 2WD, 4WD could be optioned. Became the top trim level in 91, when Laredo was dropped. 91-92 Eliminators almost always have 4WD, I think.


Pioneer 88-92: Off-road package. Always 4WD if I remember correctly.


Chief 87-88: Not terribly sure about this. Pretty rare. Has a 'Comanche Chief' decal on the lower doors.


Laredo 87-90: I want to say this was the top trim level while it was available.


Sport '92: Introduced by Chrysler in 1992 to curb poor sales. Had a different vinyl, and usually had the 4.0 (I think.) Pretty rare.


Metric Ton: Not a trim package, but an option group. Bigger leaf springs and the highly desirable Dana 44 axle. I think only long-beds could get this option.


Don't hit me/shoot me/spit on me/kick me in the face if I'm wrong. Just off the top of my head. Hope I helped! :thumbsup:

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Pioneer 88-92: Off-road package. Always 4WD if I remember correctly.


Sorry, this is incorrect. The Pioneer level was trim only. Carpet instead of rubber floor mat, cloth seat instead of all vinyl, 3-spoke "sport" steering wheel, and gauges (but no tachometer) instead of idiot lights. The off-road package was optional. Tachometer was optional. Anything other than the base 15x6 steel wheel was optional. 4WD was optional. Most other features were optional. In 1988 even a radio was optional.


You can't generalize about Jeep's trim levels. Almost every feature was available on the lower levels as an extra-cost option, and it was rare to see a base or SporTruck that didn't come with at least a couple of options ... which leads to much confusion as to what was standard in each line.

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My '87 DD, 2.5, 4spd, 2wd has a round steering wheel. Is that standard or an option? Also as for the 2.8 being junk, they must be. My '86 with 2.8, 5 spd, 4wd that went thru hell and back finally knocked a rod bearing. The damn piece of junk only has 297K on it. I pulled another 2.8 out of a '93 S10 that I'm dropping into it. Bet I get another 200K out of it. :MJ 1:

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Here is my one owner 1988 CHIEF. Bucket seats, PS,PB, AC, fog lites, cargo lite, Dana 30 and 44, 5 speed manual, 4WD, 231, under hood lite, tow hooks, tilt steering wheel and CRUISE CONTROL, console, leather wrapped steering wheel, plus some stuff I'm sure I forgot.




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