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Who's Prepping?

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Just wondering if anyone out there is prepping for some sort of disaster.


Our local Grocery store had a 50% off sale. So I went and burned some bucks on canned goods and such. I guess the impetus for me was Hurricane Sandy. If it had hit coastal GA, I would have been caught with my pants down.


My plan in no particular order:

  1. I already have a bug out vehicle in the form of a very capable MJ, but I want to finish my MJ trailer and get water, a generator, and food storage built into it so I've got a rig that could support self sustained long term camping if needed.
  2. Generator for the house.
  3. Get another AR variant. I already have all sorts of army gear and camping stuff.
  4. Rain water collection, but I've got a creek behind the house and I could easily purify it.
  5. More food stored.
  6. Ham Radio. Something I can use in the house and in the MJ and operate on all first responder frequencies.

I live in a suburban type area and the houses are pretty close together. But oddly, there's no ordinances against keeping farm animals. So, I plan to build a chicken coop and keep about 10 or so hens in the back yard, that's 8-9 eggs a day. I made some homemade incubators this past summer in TX and incubated and hatched over 100 chicks. Its so silly easy to do and sustain. However, keeping the little chicks alive is a bit of a challenge.


Anyway, I'm going to get ready. That doesn't mean going crazy like some of the people on the Discovery show. Mainly, I think the most likely threat where I live is another major hurricane.


Am I the only paranoid person thinking like this?

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You're not alone. Even though Hurricane Sandy left me with nothing more than a light flicker once or twice, I'm gearing up for the next. I saw first-hand what that storm did to family and friend's homes back in NJ. Completely destroyed my sister-in-law's grandmother's house, see below:





Our local Acme just had a going out of business sale and they had canned good for anywhere from 50-75% off. I bought about 100 bucks worth and stocked my pantry full. My father gave me an old army surplus generator that I wanted to wire into the house. I decided to sell it to a guy in the neighborhood instead and am going to use the funds to purchase a propane-powered generator. I have two 250 gallon propane tanks and my only propane appliance is my stove and hot water boiler, which only gets used 3.5 months out of the year.

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Living on my school's campus limits what I can have, but I'm armed with basic camping supplies, enough to keep me warm at -50. I don't have too much food on hand, though. I'm not really in the line of major weather, with the exception of a freak blizzard or a tornado, so I think I've got enough.

Important too is knowing how to use what you've got.

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Got a cement bunker, An old septic tank, buried in a hillside with a 100 cases of Jack Daniels N0 7, 5,000 rounds of 7.62 for my fully auto AK-47 and the phone number of a 'friendly lady' who lives a couple houses over.

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there's enough supplies in the house to last a couple weeks and enough ammo to make my house an undesirable target. by that time I figure the big panic will have subsided and I can either simply drive away to an unaffected area or raid my neighbors' houses for food.

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Plenty of food and water now but wanting a home where I can create a safer shelter... Its not just for the doomsday that you prep, you prep for any day. I'm sorry to hear about your losses fron hurricane Sandy, alot of craziness up there.

Keep enough dry and canned goods on hand should i need to leave for a lengthy period of time. grab and go tool bag with the basics and then some, basic bug out bag with clothes, sleeping bag, first aid, and a few misc. camping items i personally consider luxury. then grab and go ammo bags, plus a few firearms. Learn to live with nothing, and everything else becomes luxury.

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I have also perfected the art of making the perfect trade item..... :thumbsup:


Me too! And a fuel source for your non-diesel vehicles.



My emergency supplies are most dry goods, 25 pound bag of rice, 10lb bag of beans, large box of mashed potatoes, bunch of random cup of soups type of things, some candy, etc with a few canned goods thrown in.


I have a bit of diesel and gas sitting in the parts cars here, but nothing easily stocked to grab in a few minutes.


I used to have a bit of water stocked in the form of used 2L bottles, I don't anymore, I think I need to buildup my 2L water bottle supply again.

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I'm resurrecting this thread instead of starting a new one, as this is an interesting topic that, considering the events of the last few years,others will likely be able to add on to, but also because it features the awesome campmanche, and because this beauty I just found is too nice to put in the hammer thread... The Bug Out Bug :D









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I've lived in coastal NC my whole life. Place I grew up on flooded 4 to 5 times a year. We lived in the Marsh on a creek. I've been cut off from the rest of the world more than once for up to a week. Hurricanes were just another part. We never called it prepping. We called it surviving. I grew up with Hurricane supplies being a normal thing. Every Spring we buy a few cases of water, batteries and such. At least 2 full propane bottles for the grill. Our freezer stays stocked. Little known fact, the first 3 to 5 days after a hurricane we eat really good. Gotta eat before it thaws. We had a house generator growing up and now I have one on my house, wired in. All I have to do is flip a breaker. Every Spring I buy 20 gallons of fuel for it. At the end of hurricane season I pour it in my vehicles and get fresh in the Spring.

As for ammo and such...I could start my own ammo store. I only own a couple of rifles, 3 pistols and a shotgun, but I got plenty for all. I live on a rural area, God help anyone trying to loot this area. Bunch redneck hardworking farmers around here are crack shots. Tend to get that way when we put dinner on the table with a gun.

89 Comanche
5 speed PukeGoat
Factory Original

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