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  1. Yea my county just did too. They listed all of the exceptions that you can still do, starting the list with the letter A, and ending with the letter Z. If you have a list of exceptions that is the entire alphabet long, it would have likely been easier to list the things that you can't do instead. So, pretty much, you can do all the things you would normally do here, except eat at restaurants, drink in bars, and go bowling. Never was a whole lot to do around here anyway.
  2. I had heard some discussion on trying this a few weeks ago from a chemist friend. The reason, for those wondering, on why it isn't a more common practice is, in general, because of a higher cost/lower effectiveness vs an established vaccine (and that it isn't a long term solution like most vaccines). However, without an established vaccine, it works as a high cost, low risk option to hopefully save lives. One of the reasons it is considered high cost is not just because of the expense of doing it, but because of the relatively limited amount of blood donations they will get, and the logistics of them getting the even more limited serum to places where it can be best applied. So if anyone here gets and recovers from covid 19, keep your ears open for further updates on this. It can be a relatively effortless way you may be able to help your fellow citizens if it turns out to be option that works.
  3. Money_Pits

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    Every project I've ever started, including every vehicle I've ever owned, has a cost that ballooned to such great levels that it ultimately became non viable financially. In other words, everything I touch becomes a money pit.
  4. Holy crap, homes are expensive out there. Best of luck, and the only advice I have is make sure you have a reliable (and I mean reliable) vehicle before diving in on a home. I had two when I bought my house, of questionable reliability, and suffered for it pretty hard when the trans went in the neon, and then the engine blew in my wrangler, all in the first 7 months of home ownership (Granted they had a combined half a million miles). Taking on a car payment and dealing with the repairs was not a fun position to be in, one that five years later I'm still dealing with to an extent. So definitely make sure you are comfortable with your vehicle position before signing.
  5. Ten posts unlocks classifieds. Parts are getting hard to find, along with knowledge on these trucks, so the restriction is meant to ensure that new members help contribute to the knowledge base (even if it's just asking a question and posting a build thread) and not just use this site to farm parts. As for tranny, do you mean stock or with adapters? Cause with an adapter nearly anything will bolt up.
  6. Firefox works, internet explorer does not, just so you are aware. Also, nice truck
  7. Random suggestion, but check the voltage output of your alternator under load. If the voltage regulator in it is going bad and supplying incorrect voltage, weird things can happen.
  8. Looks like all that nuclear testing done in New Mexico is starting to take it's toll.
  9. If you take it off, I would fill a spray bottle with dish soap and water, lightly spray it down, then use a hose with a restrictive nozzle to lightly wash it off. If you don't have a high pressure, low flow nozzle, you can hook a pressure washer but not turn it on to restrict the flow, so you don't wash out the bearings. Make sure you get all the soap out of it, shouldn't damage anything, but better to be safe. If the oil is baked on, then you can try more aggressive degreasers, but this should remove the still wet oil that you want gone. You might be able to do this with it still installed, but if the focus is anything like the ford five hundred, good luck with that. If you've taken it off to clean it, and want to dry it before install, and don't have a compressor, I recommend taking a shop vac that you can reverse so it blows air and blow drying it off that way. All my heat guns get too hot for comfort, and my compressor only works when it feels like it, so I started using my vacuum instead a few years ago.
  10. I love it to just past the front door, and then I hate it, passionately. It looks Mad Max at the front, and some strange Junkyard wars abomination at the rear.
  11. Happens about 1 a week at the industrial court I work at. I'll have to take a picture of the intersection, it's always amazed me that even box trucks try to make it in the back way. Its a three way stop, and those stop signs get knocked down every week from either trucks hitting them, or people swerving off the hills to avoid hitting something.
  12. Another long shot might be a plugged catalytic converter if it has one? My dads Ram did some weird things (bucking/stalling) under load (ie hauling/pulling trailer) when his plugged up, but idled fine.
  13. Not overly sure why I do,*pre-post edit, I read about it a long time ago on naxja - https://www.naxja.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-1121647.html so apparently it wasn't just gen 1's that had it.
  14. gen 1 dakotas with the v6 used an ax 15, at least in 1994 on the 4wd models, not sure about other years.
  15. You mentioned that your truck is 2wd, and did not mention wanting to convert to 4wd. Assuming that is true, I believe that the dodge dakotas with the 2.5l and ax 15 were all 2wd only, meaning you can just snag the whole tranny, bellhousing included, and be good to go on that front. (I thought they also came with an 8.25, but the I4 dakotas came with the 7.25 axle).
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