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  1. 7 FT bed and a topper option that extends all the way back like a camper shell so I can sleep in it and still access the cab without going outside (until I'm too old to pull those gymnastics off).
  2. Money_Pits

    Paging MacBook pros

    based on the awful noise, I'd assume hardware failure, though trying the above should still be done just in case. Older Macbook Pros did have the manual pin hole, but not the ones made in the last few years.
  3. I was kinda hoping that it would at least have a midgate (with easily removable/foldable rear seats) to extend the size/utility of the bed, like the bollinger b2 (link for those who haven't seen it) is supposed to have.
  4. Money_Pits

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    I think the isuzu mua5 tranny (from behind a 2.8l) will bolt to the 2.5l and is a passenger side drop? maybe the aisin ar5 from a late model trooper also? I'm not sure if it is passenger side drop, but it is technically an ax-5 (edited: it appears to fall between an ax-5/ax-15) and has the right bolt pattern for the 2.5l. Starter location may be an issue.
  5. Money_Pits

    Station Wagons

    I feel like restoration trends kind of follow the hot selling car trends. When trucks started to become daily drivers, I saw a lot of restored old trucks, when suvs were big, I noticed a bunch of restored old toyota FJ's and things like that. When the big three all started pushing their modern muscle cars, it seemed the number of classics at car shows doubled. Currently, hatch's and crossovers (fancy word for a station wagon that doesn't drag roadkill underneath it) are selling well, so I wouldn't be surprised. I wonder if it's from people who see the new ones, and start to think about the classics, and figure that if they are going to spend tens of thousands on something, it may as well be unique?
  6. Money_Pits

    pucker factor

    back when I was living in a shed, I woke up with a black widow on my belly. Even without my glass on it was pretty distinctive and utterly terrifying. Now, I have a few dozen brown recluses in my half unfinished garage I have to clear out every spring. I no longer keep any gloves in there, and thankfully they are uninterested in my house.
  7. Money_Pits

    Electric conversion

    Yea, I figured there would be cheaper ways. I just need farm truck capability, so I'm sure anything above manual would do (and manual would still probably be fine). When I was doing my list of Comanche (86 with 2.8l and ax5) needs, I did two, one based on make it run and stop, one on doing it right and taking care of as many known issues and upgrades from the start. The second list was crossing into the expensive territory, so I decided to compare it to doing over the top upgrades (engine/tranny swap/ev conversion) to get a better idea of what I could do with that budget. But going the ev route requires a quite a bit of research still, and I'm not very knowledgeable on the workings of ev's to begin with.
  8. Money_Pits

    Electric conversion

    I didn't look into how accessories operate, but evwest has this very expensive option for power steering http://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=363
  9. Money_Pits

    Electric conversion

    Yea, my dd is a ranger, and it is my motivation to try to get my comanche up and going haha.
  10. Money_Pits

    Electric conversion

    I have been, but not with any seriousness. There's been quite a few S10's converted to electric, and there really isn't a terribly big difference between an S10 and a Comanche in regards to the logistics of it. Across the street from my work is a dealer that carries the motors and controllers needed, and down in cape girardeau is a business with a lot of resources on the subject of home made conversions, http://evtv.me/ The reason for the lack of seriousness is strictly due to cost of installation vs effectiveness of the swap. It's still very expensive even using used battery packs and such. EVwest (from the video above) is another excellent resource, especially for speccing motors.
  11. Money_Pits

    U.S./Russia. Syria strikes

    al-assad was raised an alawite (shi'a) muslim, his wife is (was? not sure how marriage affects their personal faith, ie did she have to convert) sunni. Historically speaking, his father was the one who installed a predominantly alawite governing body, even though the majority of syria is sunni. I have no opinions on the rest of this topic, just wanted to offer some corrections.
  12. Money_Pits

    Bucket seat bases

    Pm sent
  13. Money_Pits

    Desktop Backup and Restore

    If you are interested in recovering some or all of these files, all you need is an external hard drive enclosure (i got mine from bestbuy), and I use the free software Recuva to pull the data. A bit time consuming but not difficult. No guarantee it will get all the files, but I've used it to recover extended family photos and videos to good result.
  14. Money_Pits

    Spare tire area fuel tank.

    http://comancheclub.com/topic/27744-project-croc-hunter-92-mj/ http://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/83649-MJ-Auxiliary-fuel-tank Same guy, on expedition portal he goes into a bit more detail on the setup.
  15. Money_Pits

    4-States (Mo,ks,ok,ar) Jeepers

    Samuel, High ridge MO, South of St. Louis, 86 4x4 longbed with the 2.8l. Be a minute before she's road or trail worthy though. Also, lotta 86's here...