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  1. Thankfully, I didn't have to. I went and cleaned out the new valve I just put in, and it wasn't as bad, so I did it about half a dozen more times and it cleared up BUT, it didn't fix the pressure problem. County came out today, ran some water up the lines, said I may have a leak, but they turned the pressure up a bit at the main, and I'm now sitting in mid 40's with multiple faucets going. Not great, but bearable. As for the supposed leak, I never found anything inside or under the house that appears to be leaking, but the underside of my house is a crawlspace that is curre
  2. Just so everyone's aware, you can run windows 10 unactivated, assuming you don't need the pro features, and are ok with your desktop background being reset at random, forever. A few years ago, I did pretty much the same as OP, but I just left mine unactivated, and works fine. Microsoft may change that one day, or they may lock me out of my account, but right now is smooth sailing. EDIT: I forgot about the Activate Windows watermark thats always in the bottom right hand corner of my screen, but I have a big screen and it doesn't really bother me.
  3. just got done replacing it. The line coming in is packed with rocks and grit. After installing the new one, pressure is slightly improved, but not perfect, and I assume it's now repacked with junk. EDIT: I would have just cleaned out the old one, but I'm pretty sure it was older than me and was pretty heavily corroded. But now I understand why they gave me a 1000 gallon credit to flush... they didn't mean to flush the lines like I normally would after a boil order or leak fix, they mean to flush my actual main line. They didn't say that, or even imply my line was F***ed with rocks
  4. I thankfully have heat, but my pipes are uninsulated in the crawlspace, so I've been keeping an eye on my water for a few weeks now, leaving it running all the time to keep it flowing. It appears my neighbors were not doing the same thing, which I'm guessing is what caused the main to burst, it likely froze over. We are a dead end street. Funny enough it's against county ordinance for me to shut water off at my main (though I have done it out of necessity before), I have to shut it off at my house. Problem with that is I'm about 150 feet uphill from the main, and that's a lot of pipe to leave
  5. If you are going to have a square grill, don't round off every other corner on the front and sides of the vehicles. Keep it all square and flat. MPG's don't matter to the wealthy.
  6. Question: Can I run my gas water heater even if my pressure is low, or should I keep it shut off in case the water stops completely? Context: I came home yesterday to find the water main in the street blew. They got it fixed up just before midnight last night. I have now spent the last 12 hours trying to figure out why I have low water pressure through the whole house, and I have narrowed it down to either a jammed up PRV (pressure regulating valve), caused by the massive amount of debris the busted up line pushed through, or the county water company screwed up something, but they
  7. I'm resurrecting this thread instead of starting a new one, as this is an interesting topic that, considering the events of the last few years,others will likely be able to add on to, but also because it features the awesome campmanche, and because this beauty I just found is too nice to put in the hammer thread... The Bug Out Bug
  8. Beat me to it, save those corners for prototyping, much easier to manipulate and measure with them off the bed. Though I expect that with this much time passed, unless someone decides to build them from the ground up, we'll never get a perfect replacement.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. Hoping the best for her. Somehow my mom has dodged getting it even working in a long term care facility, and my sister who drives a school bus has avoided it also. My mom's health isn't great to begin with, since she's a lifelong smoker with other chronic health problems, but I'm hoping her luck holds out long enough for either the vaccines to get here or for the virus to peter out. Personal off topic rant time, I quit smoking when the virus landed here, something I had been building up to for awhile. Didn't see what I had to gain in tryin
  10. Money_Pits

    Face mask

    I have always used breathe healthy masks, and I've had both the adjustable loops and the elastic headband. The loops are nice, but the plastic beads they use break after awhile, rendering it useless, so I stick to the elastic headband. It has the formable nose piece, so no fogging of the glasses unless you are staring at your shoes for an extended period of time. They are also hand washable. I use it for dust purposes, and it does a fine job, even with small particles. As for comfort, I wore it back in June in 90 degree weather at Mesker park zoo in Evansville the entire time I was
  11. That looks absolutely terrifying.
  12. Neat fact, Lowes and Home Depot do not carry classic car bodies... but they do have wood.
  13. Based on the era they're from, I'm going to assume they come with Intel Core 2 Duos for their processor. If so they should still be capable of doing schoolwork, but they may not be able to do this online learning thing due to having slow internet connectivity, and limited ram (I hate modern browsers for needing so much of it). If you registered your copy of office 2013, you might be able to login to your microsoft account and see if they saved the product key that way, or if they will allow you to install without it.
  14. No joke, I originally wrote save cost, but when talking about a $100,000 suv, saving cost didn't feel boneheadedly corporate enough
  15. I can't find where I read it now, but the original mock up for the JT was allegedly built on a modified 1500 frame, along with a mockup for a midsize ram truck (that sadly has never come to be). But mock ups predate even pre production, and all road testing for JT was done with its extended JL frame. I expect they'll either use a modified 1500 frame or widen the JT's frame for this, just to maximize profit.
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