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  1. Money_Pits

    Favorite jeep

    Late model flat bed willys truck, big window version, not the little cab window, is my favorite, or a flatbed fc170 that purists and oil heads would murder me over for wanting it converted to electric and/or cng.
  2. *Hygroscopic. Which apparently auto correct doesn't think is a word... I started typing out a longer response, clicked on the threads above, and saw the post about the trimmer line being nylon (I always thought it was just a cheap plastic), thus rendering my post moot. Same principle as the bristles on your toothbrush, how they become more flexible when wet, but stiffen out when dry. Neat. I also used blades for years, but I couldn't find a set that lasted as long as I would like for what they cost. And I didn't want to dabble with the metal ones, I have a lot of stones I trim around, and I like my legs.
  3. Money_Pits

    Jeep vs Bronco

    Fords using Goodyear Wranglers on the new bronco... but having Goodyear remove the word Wrangler from the outside of the tire
  4. Money_Pits

    Jeep vs Bronco

    I think both of them look pretty decent (in regards to the full bronco). The bronco sport seems more like a competitor for a land rover. Ultimately this competition is good for off road enthusiasts. Now to see what the last of the big three will do, and if any of the Japanese automakers throw their hat in the ring (I personally would like to see the suzuki jimny over here).
  5. Money_Pits

    Jeep vs Bronco

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a33277335/2021-ford-bronco-specs-revealed/?src=socialflowFBCAD&utm_campaign=socialflowFBCD&utm_medium=social-media&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0c6RNsnOf1pEFcDe6XycG_fzW0CMhTVIXZuYQTi3cQ_d1cNuwvD1mC31E Just a heads up to Ford and Jeep, if they ever read this, 30k starting out for a vehicle I plan to abuse is just insane.
  6. since i caused the title to be changed, i better continue to add some woodies to the thread... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/544105879784994/
  7. Money_Pits


    I leave them be unless they are nesting near a window or door. I'm not allergic to them at all, a minor bit of swelling and pain for about five minutes, but I have friends who react poorly to stings, so it's a precaution i take. I can normally just remove the nests while they are being built, and keeping up on that will keep them from coming back to those areas, for the year anyway. They are also pollinators, though not as effective as a bee.
  8. I wouldn't fret too much if you are planning on off roading the mj. Take care of any rust, prep to prevent as much future rust as possible, and give it a shot. My TJ always came back worse for wear after off roading no matter how cautious I was, and if it were still running, it would be getting wrapped, dents included. The key thing is keeping on top of rust.
  9. Here in Missouri, I've seen that happen from heat buckling, but never quite that high.
  10. I hope that was done to run monster truck tires on it...
  11. Pete has another thread going somewhere that I thought this would be a better fit in, but I'm on my work computer and couldn't find it without firefox/internet explorer crashing on me, so I tossed it here. It fits in the WTF theme at least.
  12. I would have said no idea also. Though I almost posted the manufacturer of the seals we use at work. Only reason I didn't is that you would have to contact them since they don't post what they carry online (you can search for orings, but that's it), and it likely would have been custom made, and thus expensive. They are Rothkopf Orings and Seals if anyone is interested in the future, just to give the thread a bit of additional validity.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/781044228970486/ I can't get it to show a preview, and there is no welding here, but I feel it qualifies. Though it does look well done.
  14. Speaking of trikes, I'm in the process of designing an electric trike truck (think an electric Mazda Go/T2000) that I'll start building later this year, and if all goes according to plan, I expect to see it appear in this thread once I'm done
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