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big day for me today...


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today i graduated from basic training for the canadian army reserves. it was awsome finally seeing the past 10 weeks of work come together and to be put on parade infront of my family. its amazing how 13 people who didnt know eachother can get so close in such a short period of time.

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thanks guys. here's a cpuple quick pics



our group -1 as pte tompkins got really sick and wasnt able to make the parade :(



thats me in the centre of the picture




me recieving my certificate.


overall this was a great day lots of practice went into this parade and we did pretty good and I'm proud of all of my fellow coursemates

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Congrats. What specialty you going into? Is the beret for certain specialties or does everyone get them? For us, it seems everyone in the army gets one, but only certain specialties in the air force get it.

Congrats again! Basic's over, more time to get wrenchin :wrench:

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for us everyone gets the beret but you get a different cap badge once your trained for your specific trade.


I'm training as a driver (msc op as they call it) for the 37 service batallion.


and yea about the wrenchin part...... i start my next course in 2 weeks lol

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