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Comanche of the Month, Feb 2011 - RYMANRPH's 1990

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Sorry for the suspense here guys, but the snow has been kicking my butt. I was working from 10:30 Tuesday night, went home at midnight this morning, and back to work at 7 today... Finally have a chance to sit down and copy and paste this sucka together. ENJOY!




---FEBRUARY 2011- RYMANRPH's 1990---



MODEL AND YEAR 1990 Base model, 4.0, 2wd, 5 speed (originally).



ENGINE & PERFORMANCE: 1997 everything



DRIVETRAIN: '97 4.0, AW4, NP242, '97 HP Dana 30, '01 Chrysler 8.25, Tom Woods drive shaft



COOLING: Stock '97 (new radiator)






STEERING: Stock '90



SUSPENSION: 3" Hell Creek Lift (RC front components, full rear springs)



INTERIOR: '97 Dash and doors (power doors, window, mirrors), two-tone vinyl recovered early 90s 2dr XJ buckets on MJ brackets, new carpet, new headliner, upgraded speakers and stereo, plenty of sound deadening, Euramtec map lights



BRAKES: New pads, rotors and calipers in the front (still working on the back)



LIGHTING: 55w Hella driving lights in addition to the factory lighting. I may upgrade the stock units before I'm done with my swap. I also have a Dakota light bar that I plan to use for something.



WHEELS/TIRES: 15x8 Jeep Wrangler Ravine wheels on 31x10.50 Goodyear Duratracs



FUEL: I'm running a new Comanche gas tank (no slosh tray) with the '97 pump and sender.



Best MJ story After I had the truck for a couple months, I was walking my dog and Aaron, one of the neighborhood kids, stopped me to pet the dog and chat for a moment. He was probably 4 year's old at the time. He asked me, "you're the one with the Jeep (TJ) and the truck right?" I told him yeah, that those were mine and then he said, "but your truck is a Jeep too right?" That floored me! Everyone I talk to has no idea what this truck is, but here this little kid who might not even know how to read yet knew it was a Jeep.



What owner loves best about CC I've been on many different automotive forums, but Comanche Club is heads above the rest, not just because of the wealth of knowledge collected here, but the genuine want to help others from its members. I've only been on this forum for a little over a year, but in that time, I've seen countless times where people have gone out of their way to either help or provide some sort of advice. CC has quickly become my most visited website and I love keeping track of everyone's progress and projects.


I tackled this project only because I knew that there were others before me that had done this and were willing to help me out with the issues along the way. I would never have attempted this project without such a great resource.


My Story: I had been following a couple CC members' builds over at Jeep Forum and really thought the Comanche would be a great project if I had the time and money. So, instead of wondering what it would be like, I put my car (my baby) up for sale and began shopping for a Comanche. I really wanted 4wd, but couldn't find one. I drove 4 hours to pick this one up and really had no idea what I was getting myself into. My goal was to convert it to 4wd, fix it up a bit and maybe put some paint on it. Well, I got most of that done when I began to dream bigger. After finding my '97 parts donor on Craigslist, it was all downhill from there. Its been a lot of hard work and long hours in the cold garage, but I've learned so much and I feel like with enough patience, I can tackle anything. I'm still working on it, but hopefully by the time most of you read this, it will be at least running and not far from driveable.


Thank you Pete, Rob and all the moderators for this honor and I hope that I can help someone else here as much as everyone else has helped me.


Here are a couple from when I first got it:


3" Lift and 4wd swap:


Trip to TN for a light bar (with new wheels and tires):


Revamped interior:


New wheels and final shot before '97 swap:




Almost recent interior shot:


Current engine bay:


Current exterior:




Awesome, Just plain awesome! I Have always been a fan of this truck, and when it came up in the mod circle, it was a hands down winner. From what was a solid base to build off of, to a very tasteful older look. One of the few MJ's that can actually pull off the clear corners and keep it looking good. Not only that, but to take it to the point it was, then go after a '97+ conversion!? Simply outstanding.


Can't wait to see the finished project. Be sure to keep us posted!


Until then, Bask in the MJOTM glory! You deserve it!

Rob L. :cheers:

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Amazing! :clapping: rymanrph, you really do have one hell of a project. I can not wait till she gets done, it will be one hell of a truck when you get all done. Keep it coming and congrats :wrench:




And thank you Rob, be safe out there! Try and get some rest

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Thanks guys! I got it to crank this week, so hopefully the progress with move along pretty quickly from here. After I get the kinks worked out and some of the wiring finished, my last biggest project is the doors and then the rest is pretty much cosmetic. I am so looking forward to driving this truck again.

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