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with or without?  

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so the guy who i was trying to sell these roll bars for on here like a year ago calls me and offers me a sweet deal on them.

apparently, they were custom made, along with the nerf bars, (that i just got sandblasted), and the rear bumper thats on my truck now

i don't like them but i am getting opinions and leaving them on for a week to see if they will grow on me.

if not, I'm putting them along with the nerfs for sale ot trade for something cool....




whadda ya think? On or off?









and here's a nice shot of her sexy ars....

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I tried to choose 'no', but it kept coming back 'invalid',

and wouldn't let me vote.



I'm on the fence, it looks alright,

but I'm not completely bowled over by it.


My rule of thumb for accessories is,

if it looks just as good on, or off,

leave it off. :yes:



I could see myself leaning more towards keeping it if you had other tubular add-ons that matched,

but to be honest, big tubes on the bumpers & steps are old school now, so I probably wouldn't go that route, unless I was shooting for the old school look.

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