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Superbowl Time!

MiNi Beast

Who will win the Superbowl this year?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win the Superbowl this year?

    • 1. Colts
    • 2. Saints

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Same here, 46" SONY.. only I'm on call this weekend, so its very likely I'll be called away......


Just picked up the wings and meatballs, just a couple friends over, nothing big... My Cowboys screwed the pooch so GO SAINTS!! :yes:




We just got the Sonyo cause sold out of the Sony, they wer only $768 at Wal-Mart from $1200, but oh well still gots the 1080 pixal and sponge bobs looks great says the kido. :rotfl2:

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My 1 year old Samsung 42" flat screen just went on the blink. Won't turn on, won't turn off (unless I unplug it) . Switch just continusously blinks but screen won't light up. So, friends across town invited wife & I over for pre game prime rib dinner before he fires up his 50" tube. Taking some good refreshments along. Should be a fine time.

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You guys would not believe the wildness that is overrunning this place....I'm glad to see that some of you feel that the Saints have a shot at this...I want them to win but realisticlly I'm concerned about Manning's photographic memory of the defensive schemes allowing the Colts to prevail.


However, I voted for the home team :D and will be watching the show from the comfort of my living room

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My heart says the Saints; my head says Indy. I don't like the Colts since they sneaked out of Baltimore in 84, dislike Payton (but do like his bro Eli and their Daddy), and dislike the AFC worse. So I voted with my heart. :D


I agree with your first sentence Don... I dislike Eli more than I do Peyton (as my Huskers smoked Peyton and Eli squeeked out a bowl game against them), but am too young to remember Papa Manning. I'm Also an NFC fan... I've heard there are books giving NO 7 Pts... That would almost make me ready to dust off my off shore account for a little extra "interest" in the game.


Here is my Sweet SuperBowl TV Rig...



I'm going with my Heart as well and would rather see NO Win...



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I used to watch for the commercials, but that isn't even worth it anymore. It's gotten too played-up. I can't even find the halftime shows entertaining anymore... too glitzy and way too long.


Makes sense why people get beered-up during it.

:agree: :agree:
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Hey, I love those old B/W tube TVs. I remember many a year waking up at 0-dark-thirty Monday morning and watching the game with about 200 others on TVs like that - and damn happy to have it. Back in those days there were no commercials, only the stupid AFN reminders to brush your teeth regularly and other very informative stuff. :nuts: The vets here will remember that crap. It all depends if the Saints defense shows up strong and can disrupt Peyton's rhythm. I really want the Saints to win, and the odds will change in favor of the Indys before game time......

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