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Atrial Fibrillation


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Anyone else have this?


I got to ride in the ambulance this morning because a few seconds after I woke up, my heart started beating really fast and irregular. It's really not too serious in the short term, but I'm glad I came in. They may have to shock my heart back into rhythm, and I may end up being here for a few days.


Oh, and typing with an O2 sensor on your right index finger sucks. :fs1:

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Hope you're back on your feet soon. :cheers:


Welcome to the 'Comanche Owners With Heart Issues' subgroup here. :wavey:


I think we should have our own board. :ack:




Atleast you can do some research with the computer,


I think this type of arrhythmia = medication, + heart monitor (for a while atleast).

Some get pacemakers, but I don't think that's the norm for A-fib patients.

(I had a buddy that was A-fib, and refused the pacemaker because he thought he was 'too young' :shake: )


If they give you a Beta blocker, you're probably gonna be tired till you get used to it (I take mine before bed),

and blood thinners, well make you bleed........ alot.



Good luck man. image_209027.gif

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..........Oh, and typing with an O2 sensor on your right index finger sucks. :fs1:


Ask the nurse to attach it to another appendage, like a toe? (What? Do you really think that a nurse would even consider THAT other request?) Tell her you got to have your fingers for typing. I'm surprised they let you have your communication devices on in the room, or are you "undercover"?



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Mighty $#!&ty!


My Dad has it chronic. After the 3rd tome with 10kV across the nipples to get'er thumpin' right and the 3rd time of it just returning to it's now regular-irregular heartbeat, He just lives with it, albeit a steady timing of a few different pills.


Millwright of 35 years, damn hard workin' man every day.


You should be a-ok in a few days jamminz.gif

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Thanks guys. I just finally came around from the absolute worst headache I've ever had. They didn't let me eat at all, so I went with no food, no water since 10-11 last night, and I didn't even have an I.V. for a good 14 hours. They finally gave me food, but it was too late to stop it.


Luckily what I've got isn't too bad. All my labs and stuff were good. Best they can figure it came from a combination of stress and excessive caffeine(hospital bill is totally gonna help the stress issue, and I'm gonna cut back on the caffeine). They're putting me on maintenance pills.


Nah, I'm not "undercover". They have a wireless network setup specifically for patients and guests. Not much to do in here.


The Cardiologist still wants me to go in for the shock treatment, although I'll have to schedule it, can't do it here.


Good news is my mom picked up my 29spl 8.25 today. :banana:

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Well I'm home. Got all those stupid sensors off, a shower and I feel human again.


They got me on a newish med(Tambocor) that they tell me they're having really good luck with, supposed to go back in in 4 weeks for a checkup.


Thanks for the support guys :cheers: Hopefully the weather will cooperate long enough for me to get ahold of an oil pan and actually fix the @%*&ing XJ.

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