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Wanting metal Tail light boxes? Possible group buy?

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Hey everyone, Brian from JcrOffroad. We have received a handful of emails from MJ owners asking for heavy duty tail light boxes. Well I am interested to see what kind of interest there really is. We are starting to build everything in batches to get pricing down and to be able to have stuff in stock, but I don't see us making heavy duty MJ tail light boxes readily available.


So what am I getting at? I am considering developing HD Tail light boxes for MJ's and doing a group buy on them. Price wise, you would be looking around $145 for a pair (you source the lights). In order for us to do this, we are going to be looking at selling 15 sets (a full batch) before we do any work on developing these. So would you be interested? We probably wouldn't get around to build the batch until the first of Feb, so you wouldn't need the money until then. This would be a one time deal, we probably will not make them again.


Let me know what you think.


They will look similar to these:




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I would buy a set. :cheers:


I would be even happier to buy a set that raps around the side of the bed tho :banana: :






Looks like this would be a limited edition run, so I'm not looking for miracles,

but it doesn't hurt to ask. :yes:

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I wanted to see what these would look like on an MJ, so I put some on my truck :rotf:


Image Not Found


I am not too crazy of the look on my pavement princess. Thanks for the offer though! Maybe others will like it and get you to 15 sets :D

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then it doesn't matter, because they're not designed for d/d street trucks anyways.


it's protection against busted tail lights on the trails. that, and cheap insurance that the most your tail light replacement is gonna cost is $10 when you bust a lens

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I would be game for the whole quarter panel especially if it covered the lower corner.


Also will these light boxes be like shortened versions of the xj box or will they follow the more rounded corner of the MJ? If I could protect the lower rear corner of my bed, instead of cutting it... 300 is a bargain. No one makes replacement bed parts for the MJ.

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