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I hit the lottery Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MiNi Beast

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anyone else ever read this story? :dunno:




Never read it, but in Junior high school, I think 7th grade, they showed the movie version to us in english class. Messed Up stuff! That was probably back in 1985 or so? Theres no way they would show that anymore in schools today.

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I let a truck stop waitress pick a random dollar ticket for me once....I buy a dollar ticket once a year or so....


I didn't even scratch it cause I didn't want to waste my time. I gave it back to her and asked her just to scan it to see if it was a winner. It won $100 bucks!


I was feeling a little generous and she was kinda sad lookin so I tipped her $20 bucks for picking the winner.


About an hour down the road though, with 80 bucks in my pocket instead of 100, I experienced a little bit of altruistic-remorse and wanted my $20 bucks back. Dangit!

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