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Charcoal canister servicing, what's inside + new filter

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Pulled the charcoal canister from my MJ after realizing that there is a filter replacement for it, WIX 42998. Pulling the old filter is as easy as popping off the bottom cap and physically pulling the filter out.





Installation is just shoving the new filter in there. Very easy and inexpensive service job, especially if your filter is 30+ years old.




I did get curious and cut apart one of the spare cannisters I had just to see what's inside. I made an entire YouTube video about it that gives you more info than you'll ever need to know about these things. Be forewarned, I do cuss a lot. CLIFF NOTES: There's charcoal in there, and a couple foam screens.



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Awesome f***ing video!!! ;-) What is connected to the bottom of the Charcoal canister? I am chasing the issue of my A/C leaking into my 1987 Comanche's passenger floor board and have been hunting the A/C drain and just cannot find it! It appears to be connected to the bottom of the canister?????? Maybe I am super crazy or maybe it is supposed to be like that or maybe the previous PO did it but for the life of me, I cannot understand what is going on down there.

Thanks again for the video. I watched the entire thing and will def put that on my long list of things to do...

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