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My 1992 Comanche Pioneer Rejuvination

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While browsing through FB marketplace one Sunday morning back in June I came across a listing for this 1992 Jeep Comanche Pioneer for sale. I quickly saw that it was listed by a friend that I used to work with, up until this very moment I had forgotten that he had this! I reached out to him immediately and set up a time to see the truck that evening as I had a business trip the very next day and wouldn't be back until the next weekend.


She presents well from a distance but is definitely a 20 footer. He was the original owner but it had been used as a secondary and third vehicle and had been kept outside under a large pecan tree for the past 18 years. She was repainted about 15 years ago but it was rather crappily done as there are several runs and peeling paint/clear. Thanks to the pecan tree she was kept parked under, there are probably close to 500 dents in the hood, roof, and to a lesser extent the front quarter panels, and cap.


Mechanically she was in good shape, albeit several leaks, worn out shocks, and rusted out exhaust. Before I even started her up I knew I was taking this girl home. During the test drive I did notice several ants crawling around in and out of the panel gaps. I thought that was odd but didn't worry about it. After I began to clean her up there was a huge amount of debri in the engine bay that housed a full on ant nest. Took about a week of cleaning to get them cleared out! I regret not taking pictures of all the leaves, twigs, and general crap that had accumulated in the engine bay and cowl.


Anyhow, this is how she looked the day I brought her home. I don't have any extreme plans other than keeping her maintained and slowly fixing her up to keep her as a dependable home depot/weekend dirt road runner. I may get to the point I take her to some shows. These pics make her look much cleaner than she was!










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The first thing I did was start cleaning the engine compartment. I used a garden hose to wash out all the crap that had built up over the years from sitting under a pecan tree. Once I was satisfied I wanted to address the leaking valve cover gasket and do something about the eye sore that was the valve cover. I decided to powder coat it and used my dremel to brighten up the fins.











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Continuing in the engine bay I decided to upgrade the battery to a Group 34 800CCA. It was tight but it fit right in with no modifications needed. I also replaced the hold down bar with a new one as it was showing it's age. Along with adding a new battery, I did the Big7 Cable upgrade and got rid of some unnecessary wires that led to no where. Added some Champion spark plugs and cleaned the wires with some WD40 and she was starting to look presentable! Before she was going to be going anywhere she was in dire need of an oil change. Looking at the oil filter it appeared her last oil change was in 2017 and the same filter had been used since 2013! I set her up with a WIX and some Mobil 1.





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Ready for something a little different I decided to focus on the stereo. The PO had a newer Kenwood deck, Polk speakers in the door, and an old ADS amp flopping around behind the back seat. I was able to reuse these items plus I added a powered MTX 8" sub to help round out the lower end. While I was at it I cleaned the door panels, kick panels, and B pillar panels with APC.


I put in some sound deadening to help with the tin can feel, added a hinged shelf behind the seat, and properly mounted that nice ADS amp. The only speakers currently in the truck are door speakers. I am thinking of adding two more in the B Pillar location but haven't decided if it would help or hurt the overall sound.












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8 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

Hunter green is hands down my favorite color on an MJ. 

Absolutely! Another reason why I couldn't pass this one up. In the 5 months I have owned her I have only seen one other MJ on the road and that was over in Arkansas. I'm in Fort Worth. 

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Going a bit out of order here, as I was looking though my pictures I realized I skipped over the first repair that I did! The wind shield wipers were inoperable when I took ownership. I replaced the bushings in the linkage, and purchased a new motor. I have intermittent wipers but interestingly enough they only work on high and sometimes they need a little outside help to get started. A couple of weeks ago they randomly came to life and I noticed I had them set on low. I have not been able to replicate this.





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After a few weeks of infrequent driving I had to do something about the ride. The shocks were absolutely shot to hell. The front drivers side shock had no spring back in it what so ever. Wanting to keep the factory ride height I went with KYB Gas A Just shocks on all 4 corners. What a difference these made! The steering stabilizer was original and it needed replaced as well. Went with a Zone product and have been pleased with this.









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I have been itching to mount the steel wheels that my Comanche was optioned with back on her. The alloys have their advantages but I just prefer the more utilitarian look. Before I could even consider using them I wanted to refurb them to "as new" condition. Thankfully they were straight and without any major flaws. I couldn't be more please with how they turned out. I am going to let them cure for a week or so then have them mounted. I can't wait too see how they look on the truck.







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43 minutes ago, Pete M said:

crap those rims look great!  totally worth the efforts!  :bowdown:

Thank you! I had some serious runs in the first one I sprayed. After I got my technique down the paint laid on great. I resanded and resprayed the first one and now she is perfect. 

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Got around to doing a few things this week. Painted the dash bezel, added a dash mat, magnetic cell phone holder, cup holder, B pillar lights, dash lights, NOS passenger door handle, more sound deadening and some component speakers. The cab is turning into a nice place to be!







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Wow, not sure how I missed this thread so far, but what a great looking truck. I love the direction it's heading. 


I do question your amp fuse location though, do you have another fuse near the battery? If not, that's a long run of unprotected cable. 

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8 hours ago, scguy said:

Wow, not sure how I missed this thread so far, but what a great looking truck. I love the direction it's heading. 


I do question your amp fuse location though, do you have another fuse near the battery? If not, that's a long run of unprotected cable. 

Thanks for the kind words. Currently there is about a 12" run of wire between the battery post and the fuse for the stereo. The fuse that is located at the hinge of the hood prop is between the PDC and alternator. These pictures are a bit out of order but I changed out the dash lights a while back and what a difference! I also wrapped the grimy steering wheel with a leather wrap I purchased off amazon. Drained and refilled both the diff and transmission. Last but not least I had that rusted exhaust pipe replaced.










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Freshened up the front end this week. Sanded and painted the grill and headlight housings. Added new Sylvania Xtravision headlights, along with new housings for the side markers and turn signals. Now the bumper looks bad lol. I suppose it will get the treatment next.




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