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Bucket Seat trim Bezels interest

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Please let me know how many pairs you'd like as I will be having them made . I have finally had enough interest and need to know how many to have made . I will also be making some extras for the future . 


For those of you you that don't know what these are : 

These are made to replace the brittle / missing trim pieces that surround the tilt lever for bucket seats . They have long been discontinued by the dealer and are most always broke . 


The price should still be $30 shipped for the pair , but he is checking to make sure the price of materials has not changed . I will combine shipping on multiple pairs , which will lower the price to $25 for a pair (as long as they fit in the USPS flat rate box I use ). Please PM me if you are outside of the lower 48 states for a shipping quote as it may effect the final price . 


I will wait till around the end of the month to give him the number I'm going to have made , so let me know how many you'd like before then . 

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Yes , they are going to be black . We talked about colors , but the colors may not match and right now it's too much of a hassle to have all the different colors made and sit on the shelf and hope I can sell them . 


He he did start making them and said I should get some sometime next week (it  takes hours to make one bezel ) . 


I will ship in the order that I received once I get a cleared payment , I will be sending my PayPal information VIA Pm on here in the next couple days .Thanks to everyone that ordered !!! , I will stop taking orders at the end of the month , so if you'd like to order do it by then . Thanks again 

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These are so nice!  Got these as few days ago and they are just outstanding.

I think they're more robust than the originals!

Well done sir.

How much to reproduce all the interior plastic?  LOL

Thanks for these.

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If you still have any I'll be interested in at least three pairs of them.

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