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Getting another MJ tomorrow

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I live in Williamson Valley and I bought it from a guy named Adam off road 1 South. #2 injector isn't getting power for some reason. I stripped off the posi-lock and used another actuator from a different axle and slid the fork over to leave it engaged. Removed the roll bar lights. Cleaned up some wiring. 

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That damage on the drivers side bed looks like what a bull elk did to mine. Did'nt faze him, but it did a number on my passenger side front, took the mirror off, and put a dent in the bedside. I repaired everything but the bed, went to Flag to look at a two wheel drive shortbed. Guy wanted 1650, thought I had a deal for 1250, guy got cold feet and changed his mind. I was going to part it, but it turned out to be a pretty decent truck. Its still on craigslist Flagstaff, might offer him a little more see what happens. I'll pull out the stud gun and what I can do to my dent.

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