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Family Photo 2013


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It's time for an INTERVENTION...you obviously have a severe Jeep problem. 


Is this your Christmas card photo for the year??


I only have a problem if i admit it :p.....ok maybe alittle, haha. This would make a nice Christmas card photo wouldnt it ;)






Very nice, you lucky bastard.


Nice Jeeps, nice yard... yea, you bastard! lol.  But seriously, you have an awesome fleet there... Can I haz one of your MJs? :brows:


Thanks, I can't take credit for the yard since Dad had just mowed it earlier in the day, so Ill tell him its appreciated. lol. Any sorry bud but none are up for adoption :laughin:

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Your guess's are spot on! Both Oscar and Walker have 235/75/15, Oscar is only 2wd so natuarally it sits alittle lower and The Blue truck in on about 3"-3.5" of lift with 31x10.50 Treadwrights :thumbsup:

Lol mines looks like Walker so thats how I guessed that one. I thought Oscar had like 215s or 225s, something small haha & the blue trucks was just a guess, althought I think I know how I'm going to lift my MJ now :thumbsup:



Very attractive family you have there.


Looking at the second picture it seems they have a pretty nice extended family as well.  :cheers:

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I was jealous briefly about the green grass... then I remembered that our brown stuff was still covered in snow a week ago... and my brother got a couple snowballs today when I found a pile in the shade.


But then I was seriously jealous about your jeeps. B-E-A-Utiful!

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