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Comanche Colors

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I think there should be a thread with all the different Comanche paint jobs, factory or not doesn't really matter. Post a pic of your Mj with a brief description or what ever, that way others can get ideas for their own Comanches. Keep in mind that colors don't always look the same in person as they do on the screen...


This is mine, it's (as far as I can tell) the original white. Used to be an olympic but the stickers are gone. I rubbed it down with sand, really brightened it up.






Good idea? Bad idea?


Edit: Pictures kinda suck now that I look at them, sorry

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I like this idea, but the title is somewhat undiscriptive, so you may want to edit that to generate more interest. I've seen quite a few colors on some of the projects on here that look awesome, so this could be a useful tool for some other project people.


I believe the color is Safety Green and this is Alkyd Enamel paint.

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Title any better? Not sure what to call it :dunce: , let me know if anybody has a better idea...




i can't decide what color i want..........


That's part of the reason I started the thread. :yes:

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BUMP cause I love this thread.


By far my fav Comanche on this forum..... especially since it's the colour I want on mine.

John deere green implement paint.

Image Not Found


PR3: 1985-1991 Jeep "Flash Red"

That is the brightest red I think I've ever seen. Looks great.

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When I got it (Rustoleum Yellow):


In transition (some yellow, 2001 Sienna Pearlcoat & MJ Red bed):


Mostly one color (2001 XJ Sienna Pearcloat):


Red (actually a shade, or two lighter than stock & partially sun-flattened):



Flat Black (Rustoleum Rattlecan):


Gloss Black (3/4 repaint of factory color):

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