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What say you Elite Fleet of Comanche's to Beat? (MJOTM)


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Well, at the urging of Ben(Neohic) I finally got off my duff and started throwing some stuff together for MJOTM decals. I want something simple, but since these won't be going on any of my trucks, I figured I would ask for some input.


I was thinking of a simple white decal, about the size of the headrest to put it behind the drivers head. Nothing too huge... But here's the font and style I was thinking of. (Mind you white, instead of black)




Ben liked the idea, and even thought of the possibility to come like that, but be cut up to make a windshield banner, like this:




So I was looking from some input from the selected few, or any other members who want to toss an idea into the hat.


As they sit, I have to lock down a size, but Spencer said he could do them for about $6.

Rob L. :cheers:

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Removing the month and year won't affect the price... It's basically just the material, and Spencer wasn't splitting hairs over cost. I kinda like leaving it in, so that if someone see's it on the street, they can come here, and search our archives for the date and find the truck that led them here.


Rob L.

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I like it. It is not too big and flashy.


I tried to get a personalized license plate that said MJOTM followed by the date. I couldnt get it done with the technology we have in Indiana (text string too long). This would be almost as good.

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